Friday, 14 July 2017

BOMBSHELL: Antonio Spadaro S.J., blames Michael Voris for the Church Crisis... and in the process falls into heresy

Well, actually, dear friends, there is no real crisis in the Church. So we are told by the churchmen in Rome. 

However, if there are problems they are not liberalism, protestantism, modernism, secularism, relativism, feminism ..... and so on. 

No. The problem is: wait for it.... are you sitting down, dear reader?

Have you taken a deep breath? 

Are there paramedics nearby? 

Michael Voris with Vox Cantoris

The problem is a Catholic layman: Michael Voris. 

That is correct, - I repeat - the problems of the Catholic Church are caused by people like Michael Voris. 

Following the publication of Fr. Spadaro's attack on Michael Voris, Fr.Spadaro has granted an interview with the modernist, "America":

"It is important to recognize that we are all citizens, and not divide citizens into believers or nonbelievers, Catholics or Protestants. What is truly important in political life is to recognize that we are all citizens of this country".

"The church asks politicians to commit themselves in the world to build a better world through dialogue while bringing its own values to this project while respecting the fundamental separation of church and state".

Now, compare that to the following by Pius XI: 

"With God and Jesus Christexcluded from political life, with authority derived not from God but from man, the very basis of that authority has been taken away, because the chief reason of the distinction between ruler and subject has been eliminated. The result is that human society is tottering to its fall, because it has no longer a secure and solid foundation." Ubi Arcano 

"If, therefore, the rulers of nations wish to preserve their authority, to promote and increase the prosperity of their countries, they will not neglect the public duty of reverence and obedience to the rule of Christ". Quas Primas

"When once men recognize, both in private and in public life, that Christ is King, society will at last receive the great blessings of real liberty, well-ordered discipline, peace and harmony". Quas Primas

"The right which the Church has from Christ himself, to teach mankind, to make laws, to govern peoples in all that pertains to their eternal salvation, that right was denied. Then gradually the religion of Christ came to be likened to false religions and to be placed ignominiously on the same level with them". Quas Primas, Pius XI

There you have it, dear friends. I think you know who the real problem is. NO further comment is necessary. 


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