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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

WHAT HAPPENED AT THE VATICAN HOMOSEXUAL ORGY? ~ details on what constitutes a homosexual orgy !

Catholics need to know what transpired at the homosexual orgy held in the Vatican at least two months ago. 

It is especially important as homosexuals do not want you to know what they actually do amongst themselves. 

Though we do not know exactly what happened in detail we can draw certain conclusions as to what these priests, bishops, cardinals, male prostitutes, transvestite prostitutes were doing based on the writings of homosexuals themselves. 

Drugs, especially crystal meth (but not only; Luigi "Cocaine" Capozzi turned up with a bag of coke) are used by homosexuals to assist them in the undertaking of various sexual perversions. 

So, what is "homo sex"? 

What happens at a gay orgy? 

The following video, by Fr. John O'Connor (expelled from the Dominican Order for exposing rampant homosexual activity) provides us with some details as to what these demonic priests were up to. 

Our Lady of Fatima and Akita, pray for us. 

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