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Sunday, 9 July 2017

BREAKING: Pope's new CDF chief implicated in PEDOPHILE cover-up!

Archbishop Luis Ladaria Ferrer, has not even taken over the job as head of the CDF when Polish journalist, Jacek Palasinki informs us that "dark clouds hung" over the Archbishop due to his involvement in the covering up of pedophile priest, Giovanni Trotta. An Italian language report on the diabolical Trotta may be read here. 

Italian authorities did not know the full story behind "Don Gianni" Trotta, and therefore the civil authorities never were informed that a child molester was loose in society. Ladaria and former CDF chief, Cardinal William Levada covered-up this horrifying fact. 

Simply put, these two men after having defrocked Trotta in 2012, did NOT inform the Italian authorities about the pervert-priest. The child porn possessing Trotta went on to molest another 20 innocent children.

The Vatican is infested with homosexuals. 

With pederasts. 

With Freemasons.  

The Vatican is infested with men who do not love Our Lord, His Church, His Teachings.  

They hate Our Lord. They are servants of the devil. Many are demonically oppressed, even possessed.

If these men spent as much time in taking care of souls and preaching the Gospel, instead of collecting vast art treasures and living like princes, the Church would be very different. 

It is time that this decadent, Renaissance Court be shut down. Our Lord founded a Church on His Apostles, not a centralized totalitarian regime that has a Pope who conducts himself as a celebrity or idol. 

This prostitution with the world has angered Our Lord to such a degree that He has allowed the demonic homosexuals and Freemasons to - temporarily - take over His Church. 

Yet Our Lord is in total control of His Church. 

Pray for the conversion of these evil men, for they face a terrible judgement, if they do not repent. 

Let us also pray for ourselves. That we remain faithful and humble. 

Our Lady of Fatima and Akita, pray for us.  


Edison Frisbee said...

Just the kind of compromised man that Francis intentionally surrounds himself with...gotta have some leverage over the CDF!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the gift of Vatican ll just keeps on giving. Clown mass anyone?