Saturday, 15 July 2017

BREAKING: Vatican has a "secret dossier " on Michael Voris with shocking revelations!

Toronto Catholic Witness has obtained - through an unnamed source - an interview with Fr. Aidan McNutty (Secretariat of State) regarding a secret dossier that the Vatican has on Michael Voris. 

Following the publication of Fr. Antonio Spadaro's article and follow-up interview, we contacted our source who obtained an interview conducted by a Polish journalist with the American born McNutty. This interview provides background information for Fr. Antonio Spadaro's statements that Michael Voris is an "integrist" and dangerous subversive. It also contains several shocking revelations that reveal the urgency behind Fr. Spadaro's essay. 

The news agency in question is the Polish "Wolność" (Freedom). Translation by Barona from the original Polish test. 

Wojtek Wysmiechowicz (WW): Thank-you father for agreeing to this interview.  

Fr. Aidan McNutty (AM):  It is a pleasure. 

WW: Please correct me if I am wrong, but is there a dossier in the Vatican on Michael Voris of Church Militant? 

AM: Absolutely yes. I have seen it and read it. 

WW: How did you see it? 

AM: It was shown to me in the Secretariat of State as I am an American priest and my hierarchy is very, very concerned with Voris. 

WW: Why are they concerned? 

AM: He has a growing following and even more importantly, is raising issues that we are trying to control. 

WW: Such as? 

AM: Financial misdeeds, priests violating celibacy etc. 

WW: You mean priests stealing Church funds and engaging in homosexual activity? 

AM: Yes.  

WW: But is there not a clean-up going on in Rome, in the Vatican?  Or, is this just media PR? 

AM: Well, the facts speak for themselves. 

WW: So how is Voris involved in all of this? Why has Fr. Spadaro - through the Pope's own official newspaper, and with the Secretariat of State's approval - openly attacked Voris? 

AM: Well, it comes down to much more than Voris calling out errr, rash behaviour committed by the clergy.  What some call "sin".  The problem with Voris goes far beyond his crusade against what he believes are immoral priests or bishops. 

WW: Why then the sudden move by Fr.Spadaro, under the auspices of the Secretariat of State?

AM: The Secretariat of State has a dossier- a secret file in fact - that Michael Voris was "elected" Pope in 2013 in a "conclave" held in Quebec City, in Canada after the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. 

WW: Really!? This is extraordinary! This is very serious! 

AM: It is very serious. We have a man, Voris, who claims to be Pope and holds to a false ecclesiology. Fr. Spadaro's article and his subsequent interview with "America" outline in detail that Voris holds positions that are no longer held in the Church. 

WW: This makes him a very serious threat to the Church?

AM: Very serious. This is a schismatic action, though not yet a formal schism. As a layman he cannot fall into formal schism until he is consecrated bishop. We have evidence to believe that Voris intends to be consecrated in the near future. 

WW: Does Fr. Spadaro know this? 

AM: Of course he does. It is known in the Pope's most inner circle that Michael Voris is seeking to establish a parallel church of the "pure". In effect, a Manichean church, as Fr. Spadaro has pointed out with great accuracy.

WW: Who else is connected with Voris? Has he appointed any other leaders in his imminent "parallel church"? 

Are these two of the most dangerous men in the Catholic Church? 
Yes, according to the Vatican 

AM: Yes. After his "election" he appointed a Canadian blogger as head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith. According to our dossier, Voris created this blogger a lay Cardinal. I understand there are plans to consecrate the blogger a bishop as well. Besides his Canadian right-hand man, Voris also has a number of other, powerful and evil henchmen in various countries round the world.  They are being identified by the Secretariat of State and various national episcopal conferences. 

WW: And the Secretariat of State's position? Whom has Voris selected? 

AM: Voris intends to hold that himself as Pope. 

WW: This is incredible. Does Voris have any support in the Vatican?

AM: We believe he may actually have support from a number of cardinals and bishops. These men we are identifying and eliminating from any influence. Most have already been neutralized. It will be one of them who would confect the illicit consecrations. 

WW: So the purpose of Fr. Spadaro's article? 

AM: The purpose is simple: to identify by far the greatest threat to the Catholic Church today. To unmask him and isolate him. This is the first step. 

WW: And the second? 

AM: Having exposed Voris as an heretic and promoter of out-dated theological propositions we can then more easily dissuade Catholics from following him, when he publicly declares that he is the Pope. 

WW: Thank-you Fr. McNutty. 

AM: Thank-you. It is important that Catholics in Poland be put on alert to the grave dangers posed by Voris to the Faith, the Church and therefore the life of the world. 


Anonymous said...

Well done Fr.Spadaro! Michael Voris must be stopped from his takeover of the Catholic Church!
I used to think there was a gay problem in the priesthood, but after reading this interview I thin the problem in Michael Voris.

Anonymous said...

This Voris guy thinks that the Catholic religion is the only true religion! I congratulate Fr.Spadaro and the Vatican for defending all religions and showing that there are as many ways of getting to heaven as there are people! It is not acceptable that intolerant men like Voris be allowed to air his opinions. His intolerance must be stopped!

Warthog said...

Michael Voris is oposed to gay men as priests. I think gay men are God's gift to us. I am glad that the Vatican has nipped in the bud Voris' scheme to have himself accepted as Pope. I reject Pope Michael !

Toadstool said...

Fr. McNutty asks great questions! Wow! The Vatican is a great place. So many hard working people. I know that nasty, mean people have published today photos of Fr. Spadaro with Caridnal Tagle in a room with lots of hard liquor! So what!!! At least it is not cocaine!!!

Give these guys a break!! They work so hard, they deserve to relax.

FaggBoy said...

I don't appreciate Michael Voris at all. He has been very mean towards us gays. If it wasn't for us, there would be virtually no priests. I also think it is very intolerant to criticize Fr.Luigi Capozzi, as your blog does!!!! So what if he organized a gay "orgy". They weren't hurting anybody; just having fun!!! Ok, maybe the hard drugs was a bit much, but he wan't driving a car or anything. I think he has a chauffeur. So what is your problem? You guys need to come to see that "gay is good".

I agree that Voris is the most dangerous man. Don't be fooled by those nice smiles in the pictures. I am so glad that Fr. Spadaro is a man who likes to dialogue. Good that the Vatican has files on evil men like Voris who believe that Jesus is God and that there is sin. There is no such thing as sin; there is only fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Gaylove said...

The Vatican has its finger on this. Michael Voris is much, much more dangerous than men sodomizing little boys, or with young men. Well done Fr. McNutty!!!

Anonymous said...

This "Wysmiechow" character has a name filled with laughter, but Fr. "McNutty" sounds like a tough nut to crack.

Mr. Mercy said...

With Michael Voris being elected Pope before Francis, that would make "Pope" Francis' election invalid. The only problem is the people who control the Vatican refuse to let Voris in to clean up the mess!

Anonymous said...

Michael Voris asks too many questions about possible homosexual priests. So, they create this ridiculous dossier on him, then get a low ranking priest to put the dirt out. This blog should be ashamed of itself in being a "yesman" to the Vatican!

Joseph said...

"Christians are called, together with other people, including those who think differently from them, to build a better society".

That is what Fr. Spadaro wrote. What he did not write is how can a better society be built with people who do not accept Jesus Christ as God? How can two mathematicians create a "better" text book with one believing two and two is four, and the other five?

I think Michael Voris is onto something here when he calls these men out.

We also need to hear from Francis. We need to know if Michael Voris did hold a conclave or not. Or, is this a smear tactic by the Vatican?

ChefMez said...

Read the Catechism, then listen to Vorris. Then try to come up with an actual argument. This is just a hit piece for people who don't have an argument vs Vorris.

Irenaeus said...

This made my Saturday. I am still laughing!

Anonymous said...

Father "McNutty", huh? A perfect name for this article's "source". How clueless do you have to be not to see the put-on, not to get the joke???