Tuesday 11 July 2017

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Fr. John O' Connor ~ The Homosexual Infiltration of Schools

Fr. John O'Connor

Today we present the fifth part of Fr. John O'Connor's monumental lecture, "The Homosexual Conspiracy against the Catholic Church".

Prophetic, Fr. O'Connor presents the outline of attack that homosexuals and their allies have used over the past 30 years to infiltrate, and then take over schools. This obviously includes Catholic schools, as most are under "LGBT" control. 

Is your school concerned with "homophobia"? "gay bullying" etc? Watch this video. Learn that it is part of homosexual propaganda to have sodomy and other perversions accepted as just an alternate "lifestyle". Canadians, in particular will be aware of the homosexual takeover of the "Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association" (OECTA). 

OECTA: a homosexual organization that corrupts children

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