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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Who will stand with Bishop Henry against the homosexual juggernaut? What bishop or priest will take a public stand for the Truth?

His Excellency, the Bishop of Calgary, Fred Henry 

Is there anybody out there? Hello Your Excellency, Reverend father... Yes, I am addressing you! Will you stand with Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary or, will you all allow his words to be fulfilled before your very eyes? Your silence, your cowardice is enabling the "totalitarianism", the "dictatorship of relativism" to grow and expand. 

Bishop Henry has been joined by Frs. Stefano Penna and Mark Sych. Will there be others? The whole hierarchy in Canada should be in an uproar! In an uproar that Canada is being transitioned into a totalitarian State via a soft-shoe shuffle. But, it is not. It is silent. 

Those bishops and priests who will remain silent, do not pretend that you are innocent. No, if you are silent: you are guilty. Silence means consent. Silence is already a decision: a decision not to make a stand, not to oppose evil, not to speak out.  

The other day, a heretic; a strident, noisy, ignorant woman - claiming to be an "educated Catholic" - condemned Bishop Henry. Her ignorance is only out done by her arrogance. Patricia Grell, a "Catholic" school trustee writes: "There were many other things said in Bishop Henry’s letter which I disagree with and as an educated Catholic (sic), I want my constituents to know that I unequivocally disagreed that it should be sent to our parents".

Dear, oh dear. We have a dissenter and a fascist in the making. The two seem to go hand in hand. 

As to being an "educated Catholic", Grell attended that beacon of Basilian "truth" in Toronto, St. Michael's College, University of Toronto, that is so friendly with the likes of the powerful  pro-abortion Sorbara family, as well as former Prime Minister, Paul Martin, who distinguished himself as a fanatical abortion supporter. Follow the money and the dissent and you begin to see why the Church in Canada is falling apart. 

Again,  I ask your Excellencies, Reverend fathers: is it not a tragedy that she is willing to speak out for evil, while the vast, vast majority of you all sit by in silence, unwilling to speak out for the good, for truth? Are you all really that afraid? Or, is it money? Are you perhaps afraid of loosing your money ticket; your tax free status? Catholics need to know if you still have the courage to carry the Cross. 


Everyday For Life Canada said...

Great post. What Bishop Fred Henry has courageoulsy done should be backed by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. If they cannot support what the Catechsim teaches, then why bother with the Conference or the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario. This is why I do not support the Family of Faith fundraising campaign. The bishops have done nothing to fight the radical sex curriculum that has entered our schools. Readers may wish to read my blog post that explains further my reasoning, http://everydayforlifecanada.blogspot.ca/2015/09/family-of-faith-campaign-why-we-will.html?view=magazine
Thank you Bishop Henry for not being afraid to speak the truth.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

This is sin by omission. Many Catholics do not know there is such a thing! Wake-up! Sins of Omission can send you to hell! I stand with Bishop Henry. I have heard in my pro-life lobbying at the United Nations about this great Catholic prelate and his witness to chastity and life! May God bless him and keep him in His Heart forever. Susan Fox www.christsfaithfulwitness.com