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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Where is the "official Catholic media" when it comes to defending Bishop Henry? Why are they not standing up against the totalitarians and sexual deviants?

The secular totalitarian attack against Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary is not an issue just for Calgary or Alberta. Nor, is it an issue for Canada. Being an issue of Truth and Justice, it is an issue that is universal. The forces of evil - the secular totalitarians, are aware of this and they are responding accordingly. 

The scandalous pro-homosexualist Crux merely dismissed the conflict between the Bishop and the aggressively anti-Catholic government as a "quixotic question". The equivocating article fails utterly to support Bishop Henry. John Allen Jr. says the government is trying to "accomplish something noble. Proponents of the new gender-identity guidelines want to foster tolerance and diversity...".  We now know this is absolutely false. Transgender activist, Mr. Marcel Panas (aka "Marni") tweeted the other day that he was involved in drawing up the guidelines.

This man who dresses as a woman is the "advisor" to the fascist gov't of Alberta 

Ever looking for an opportunity to attack the Church, the militant homosexual organization, New Ways Ministry has been busy attacking the Bishop. New Ways Ministry published a malicious article against His Excellency by the homosexualist and heretic Bob Shine. Is it not sad that Catholics cannot at least defend the Bishop and Christ's Truth with the energy that these dissidents promote evil?

What has been the reaction from the "official Catholic media" in Canada? I have reviewed Salt and Light and the Catholic Register on Facebook. Only a mention of the unhelpful aforementioned article by John Allen Jr is on the Salt and Light page. Nothing else. As to the Catholic Register: nothing. Perhaps something is buried in the back of the hardcopy newspaper which no one reads. Who knows? But better nothing than Allen's bizarre article. So much for the "official Catholic" media. That is the bad news. 

The good news, dear friends, is that the "official Catholic" media is dying. It is costly, cumbersome, and has been completely by-passed by blogs. Could better proof of this be the reporting on the Synod? The real future of Catholic media is with bloggers. 

This silence is: is shameful, outrageous and is disgusting

This silence is betrayal!

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