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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Linda Gibbons' trial ~ the decision is held over to January 21st, 2016

This afternoon Linda Gibbons received word after the final submissions from the Crown, and her lawyer, Dan Santoro that the Judge's decision would be made next Thursday, january 21st. The trial began just after 10:30 and ran until about 3:30. Linda was supported by a group of nine, including His Grace, Archbishop Lawrence Saldanha, Archbishop Emeritus of Karachi, Pakistan. 

Two witnesses for the Hillsdale Abortion facility gave testimony. Following a recess, both the Crown and Defense agreed upon the statement of a security guard. After lunch, both lawyers gave their final submissions. A more detailed report will follow. 

Please keep Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner in your prayers. It was also revealed in court that the heating was off in the prisoners' section in the van this morning that was transporting Linda and other women to Court; a two hour drive from Vanier in -8 Celcius weather. Please also keep the women of Vanier in your prayers. 

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