Thursday 14 January 2016

Linda Gibbons: A full report from her Trial ~ will freedom of speech also suffer a death blow if she is convicted?

"We have a pregnancy centre you can go to"

"You don't have to do this"

"You don't need to be here"

"Your son or daughter needs you" 

The above words uttered, gently, lovingly, peacefully by Linda Gibbons are the centre of the Crown's argument that our dear sister in Christ, should be convicted of "causing a nuisance" and "disobeying a lawful order", contrary to Section 127, subsection 1 of the Criminal Code of Canada. 

Yesterday, in Room 509, at the College Park Courts, in downtown Toronto, Linda was on trial for violating a "temporary" bubble zone law. At about 10:30 the trail began with two employees of the Hillsdale abortion killing factory called as witnesses. Linda was joined by nine "Gospel of Life" supporters. 

The first part of the trial centred on various photographs taken during Linda's peaceful sidewalk protest outside the mill.  A female employee of the killing factory claimed her entire day was was interrupted, and that she spent "my entire morning" watching and photographing. Under cross examination she admitted that Linda was arrested at 11:03 a.m. Linda appeared outside the murder factory, shortly after 9 a.m. Therefore it was proven that the financial operations of the abortion facility that has between 15-20 employees was not incommoded in any manner. 

After a recess, the remaining evidence of one of the security guards was agreed upon. It was then that the above quotes from Linda were entered into evidence. The statements were not followed by conversations with women seeking to kill their child; Linda was always speaking in a "calm, even voice".

Mr. Brandis, for the Crown, tried to argue that the "spirit" of the bubble zone law was broken (as it was "archaic"), that Linda went too far in speaking her statements and that her words "crossed the line", and thus she should be convicted. Mr. Santoro argued, based on case law, and a previous ruling by Justice Trotter, that Linda was engaging in "peaceful leafletting" a protected right under the Constitution; "a constitutionally protected activity". He stressed that because one speaks, does not make it materially different; Brandis would reject this argumentation.

The Judge claimed that a "placard" (as Linda held her peaceful sign during her sidewalk protest) was possible picketing. Mr. Santoro countered this by stating that Justice Trotter in the earlier case had taken this into consideration, he reiterated Linda was peacefully leafletting.

In summary, the trial will hinge upon how the above statements of Linda will be interpreted by the Judge. Are  we still free to express non-violent opinions? Are we still free to express them when and where we choose? Or, if Linda be found guilty, will it be another soft-shoe shuffle step towards a totalitarian State that will stop at nothing to protect the death cult that the abortion industry is? 

The Judge reserved her decision, resulting in Linda being returned to jail. One can only hope that the van was heated. It should be noted that the women's section of the van was left unheated for the two hour, -10 degree trip to Toronto during the early hours of the morning. Also be reminded that the prisoners only wear green tops and slacks; on their feet light canvas and rubber running shoes. This type of mistreatment is sadistic and disgusting. 

Please keep Linda and Mary in your prayers. 

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