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Saturday, 23 January 2016

The bishops of Alberta join Bishop Henry in resisting the homosexual juggernaut ~ where is the CCCB, where are the rest of Canada's bishops?

Bishop Fred Henry has stood up to the homosexual juggernaut by writing a pastoral letter about the moral unacceptability of "gay straight alliances" in Catholic schools. Predictably, the secular media leapt all over the bishop. I have, and continue to criticize bishops when they fail in their duty, as I did with the cowardly "Election Guide" that failed to even mention the word "abortion".  But I will defend and stand up for bishops who do the right thing! 

I am very pleased to read that Archbishop Richard Smith, Archbishop Gerard Pettipas, and Bishop Paul Terrio have stood up in defense of their brother bishops. 

Archbishop Smith denounced the evils proposed by the government: 

"From this principle stems a number of suggestions for creating an artificial gender-neutral atmosphere in schools, often without proper regard to the rights and protections previously upheld for boys and girls and their mothers and fathers," says the statement.

"The Catholic belief is that the human person is created "body and soul" together (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church, nn. 362f.), that God created human beings male and female (Mark 10:6), and that we are all called to care for and respect our bodies as they are created."

I call on ALL the bishops of Canada to rise up in rigorous defense of Christ, His Church and Bishop Henry who has proclaimed the truth on human sexuality, on the rights of parents. 

Those bishops who remain silent I have these words: 

Silence is no longer an option. 

Silence means consent. 

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