Monday, 25 January 2016

BREAKING: Sammy Yatim: police found guilty of attempted murder ~ now, when will the police stop arresting two harmless women?

Sammy Yatim, requiescat in pace 

When young Sammy Yatim, was shot dead in Toronto, this blog denounced the outrageous slaying of this young man. Sammy was slain as numerous police strolled and milled about, manifesting by their behaviour that the youth was not a threat. We argued when this happened that Sammy could have easily been disarmed by a mental health nurse. 

Sammy being murdered by police in downtown Toronto
The slaying of Sammy is indicative of a police force that is more an "occupation" force, than a "serve and protect" force. Michael Eligon, another young man suffering mental health concerns was killed by police in a back alley. Michael had fled from a local hospital. Likewise, Michael MacIssac, also known for having mental health issues was gunned down by Durham police. 

Michael Eligon, slain by Toronto police in a back alleyway

Michael MacIssac, epileptic, naked,
was gunned down by police on a cold winter's night 
Police brutality is a totally predictable outgrowth of non-community policing, heavily imbued with an "obey the law" mentality, even if the law is evil. This blog has also warned about the growth of fascism in this country: when policing means enforcing political ideology the line in the sand is crossed towards eventual totalitarianism. For example, the rigorous police enforcement of illegal "bubble zone" laws, thereby prohibiting peaceful protest against abortion.  

Peaceful protestor, Mary Wagner
being arrest this past December in west end Toronto

The constant arrests of Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons for this gentle, peaceful protest is simply outrageous. The jailing of these women for months for following their consciences, whilst molesters, dangerous repeat offenders are given sentences less than a month, shows that political show trials are alive and well, and that the police serve the establishment elite. 

Mary being led away by police 
Peaceful protestor, Linda Gibbons being handcuffed by police
this past September in east end Toronto
Linda, being led away in handcuffs. She spent 4 months in jail for holding a poster that read:
"why mom, when I have so much love to give", on a public sidewalk

I close by quoting Vox Cantoris: 

As for Sammy Yatin; may he find peace in the arms of the LORD from whatever mental pain he suffered; may his shedding of blood and suffering at the hands of evil men who had no hearts, be his purgatory and may the merciful Father who desires none of his children to be lost bring Sammy to his bosom through the grace of the Holy Spirit and the redeeming blood of Christ through his Church.

Rest in peace, my little Syrian brother.

A full report on the conviction of the police slaying of Sammy may be read here. 

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