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Friday, 22 January 2016

Jason Welle SJ ~ just what are you hiding now? ~ how blaspheming, profane Jesuit blocks viewers to his Twitter feed

[warning: this post contains gravely disturbing images and profanity]

Jason Welle, SJ., has a very interesting Twitter feed. Interestingly, a couple of days after this blog and Vox Cantoris made public a few of examples of blasphemy and profanity - we both noticed that his Twitter account is no longer available to the general public. That means that his 1300 odd followers will be the only ones privy to the filth. Apparently the Vox was also blocked. Join the club. 

Notice friends, no apologies, no retraction, no acceptance of his errors. Only defiance and secrecy. Another reason why he cannot be ordained! 

But this action of his means that we are having an effect. Friends, let us continue the pressure upon Bishop Barber and the Jesuit Oregon Province to not permit this man to go through for ordination. 

Tweets are "protected" after the blasphemy and profanity of this Jesuit are exposed

Sorry Jason Welle "EssJay" your evil is out there for all the world to know: 

Please write your concerns to Bishop Barber at the following email: 


Diocese of Oakland
2121 Harrison Street, Suite 100
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: 510-893-4711
Fax: 510-893-0945

Please contact the Oregon Provincial Superior at: 

Fr. Scott Santarosa, Provincial
Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus
3215 SE 45th Ave.
Portland, OR 97206
Phone (503) 226-6977 

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