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Monday, 25 January 2016

More madness from the IEC in the Philippines: Fr. Mark Francis CSV: the Novu Ordo Mass must be constantly changing

Fr. Mark Francis, CSV, a well-known advocate of liturgical innovations, joined Bugnini disciple, Archbishop Piero Marini in having some interesting things to say at the International Eucharistic Congress being held in Cebu, Philippines. At least he is honest: he wants the Novus Ordo Mass to be constantly changing; you will notice his underlying reason: it is man centred. When it is man centred it has only one result: self worship. 

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Unknown said...

I just heard that archdiocesan officials are reviewing a plan to further inculturate the sacred liturgy in the context of Canadian culture. Specifically the goal is to make the liturgy more and more similar to a Justin Beiber music video. The priest will be required to jump up and down and emit sentimental and spontaneous words to his audience (oh wait that already happens in some places).