Friday, 29 January 2016

Militant homosexual organization - New Ways Ministry - is now persecuting Bishop Fred Henry ~ why were they invited to the Synod on the Family?

A repulsive, hateful Tweet by the militant homosexual dissenters mocking Bishop Henry

Amongst the strangest things emerging from the Synod on the Family, this past October, 2015, was the fact that the militant dissident homosexualist organization, "New Ways Ministry" managed to obtain journalist credentials and full access to the Synod for its executive director/activist, and "openly gay blogger", Francis DeBernardo. New Ways Ministry has been condemned by numerous bishops as not Catholic, not remotely Christian. Let there be no mistake: it is an evil organization, run by evil people (c.f. Bishop Fred Henry, Totalitarianism in Alberta Part II). 

A recent perusal of their website, Twitter feed and Facebook page, shows these malcontents and dissenters openly attacking Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary. It is simply outrageous when one considers that this organization's leader - who has years and years of open dissent to his credit - was invited to the Synod to participate as a "journalist". 

No surprise then that this "openly gay blogger" is bashing Bishop Henry, when the bishop is engaged in one of the most important acts of defending the Faith in the history of Canada. Bishop Henry is fighting for Christ, His Church, His Truth and the God given rights of parents. DeBernardo's malignant organization responds by slandering the bishop. DeBernardo's puppet, Bob Shine, wrote the usual nonsense about "Catholic officials", "LGBT advocates", "transgender advocates", the "bishops' hyperbolic rhetoric" and so on.  Disgusting.

We need to know several things: 

Who allowed DeBernardo to participate at the Synod?

Why was DeBernardo allowed to participate at the Synod? 

Michael Voris of Church Militant provided a full report on the scandal of DeBernardo's participation at the Synod. 

Voris stated: 

New Ways Ministry has been denounced by various bishops and cardinals in its long, 35-year history. And to be very clear, New Ways is nothing else than a lobby group for homosexual so-called rights. The man who asked the question, the executive director, Francis DeBernardo, asked his question by announcing his name and not saying New Ways Ministry, but the blog page he writes for New Ways Ministry: Bondings 2.0.

Again, the question: How did an openly gay blogger who advocates for same-sex marriage and the Catholic Church to accept it and bless it get credentials to get into the press conference? He isn't media. He has no professional background in media. He's an advocate for gay rights. Period.

Please ensure to contact Bishop Henry with your support. 
Bishop Henry can be reached at:
Telephone: (403) 218-5526
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