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Monday, 28 September 2015

Why are the English and Welsh Bishops Conference promoting heresy and attacks on Humanae Vitae just before the Synod?

From the English and Welsh Bishop's 2014 Family Survey. The following is what they selected under the leadership of cowardly Vincent Cardinal "we did not oppose gay civil partnerships" Nichols. 

As the Catholic Herald asked: why publish calls for cohabitation and calls for adulterers to receive Holy Communion? And just before the Synod? I recall my last visit to England. It was obvious the Catholic Faith was imploding. I shall never forget Fr. John Inglis of English Martyrs, Worthing, West Sussex glorying over Fr. Edward Schillebeeckx and universal salvation. 

But now to the sad, pathetic bishops' document: 

The full document may be read here. 

Virtually no one is opposed to the 'ideal' vision of marriage but many are disturbed by the legalistic and punitive response of the church to those who cannot live up to the standard. 

In particular there is a common view expressed that the denial of the sacraments has a corrosive impact and many cannot understand the Church's position on this issue. "The grace and love of receiving the Body of Christ is such an incredible assistance to a life in such an atheistic modern world. To be excluded is so very sad. When one considers that God alone knows what is in our heart, the love, the longing. One can be a criminal, an occasional Mass goer, someone who hardly believes, but still Holy Communion is available and offered." Another writes on similar lines "Should someone whose marriage has failed be then excluded for the rest of their lives of all the benefits that being with another person can bring? The only unforgivable sin in the church seems to be marrying the wrong partner. The church seems to lack forgiveness." Someone who was divorced and some many years later received an annulment writes "In these modern times when things have changed so much is there nothing that can be done to stop the isolation of these divorced and remarried people (even people who have taken a life can receive the Sacraments.)" 

In another diocese the single most common theme is the pain of people who are barred from receiving the sacraments because they are divorced and re-married (without an annulment). ‘Could it really become a sacrament offered for healing those who are suffering? ….. Eucharist should not be used as a sanction or a prize for ‘worthiness’ when none of us is worthy to receive the gift of God. Several people suggested that Jesus would be more compassionate than the Church is: ‘When people who have divorced and remarried have been coming to church every Sunday for years we should be welcoming them to the Eucharistic table. WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?” 

The ACTA survey reports that the vast majority of respondents, 88%, rejected the church’s policy of refusing access to the sacraments for the divorced and remarried.

And this is what the bishops selected as a commentary on Humanae Vitae: 

“Humanae Vitae included so much wisdom on sexuality and the dangers for society of a careless approach to this - sadly it has been lost because all focus has been on the banning of all artificial contraception and, for some at least, on the unsatisfactory way in which Paul VI arrived at his decision. When some of our bishops continue to prioritise this ban, they continue to widen the gap between Catholic teaching and the actual practice of most married Catholics. A great pity.”  

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