Friday, 18 September 2015

CRISIS: Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga: the homosexual infiltrators have seized the Church by "the throat"

The excellent video, "Kryzys" (Crisis) produced by Polonia Christiana should be studied very carefully by every Catholic who loves Our Lord and His Church. The homosexual infiltrators have been busy for decades : they have infiltrated  not only the priesthood (taking over seminaries and religious Orders), but also the Hierarchy; and not just as bishops, but as Cardinals as well.  

Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga speaks of the scandalous proposals at last years Synod of accepting something positive in homosexual relations as no surprise to him, for he states that the Curia has been selecting "silent sheep", or to use his more forthright words, "a dog without a bark", as bishops who will silently and meekly accept the bidding of those who would seek to impose their heresies on the Church: the acceptance of Holy Communion for Adulterers and fornicators, and the acceptance of homosexual activity as positive and to be "blessed" by the Church. 

Specifically on homosexuality, the Archbishop states, that the homosexualists have been building pressure on the Church and that this homosexual force was "coming at the throat; showing the corruption and force it on the Vatican".

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