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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A Rosary Bouquet for Linda Gibbons ~ we have 50 pledged, now let us reach 100!

Dear friends and readers of this blog. Thank-you for pledging a Rosary for Linda Gibbons and her intentions. Visitors may learn that Linda was arrested last September 2nd, for silently, peacefully walking on walking on the sidewalk outside an east-end abortion facility in Toronto. Linda held a sign which read: "Why mom, when I have so much love to give"?

The greatest gift we can give someone is the gift of prayer. And so, a "Rosary Bouquet for Linda Gibbons" has been organized, and please consider joining. You may visit the Facebook page to pledge your support by "liking" the site. 

Some may wish to pledge a Rosary via email:

Please put in the subject line: "Rosary". Thank-you 


ellen said...

I do not wish to join Facebook but I pledge to say at least one Rosary for Linda's intentions.

Aussietomt said...

I will not open a Facebook or Twitter account, however, I will offer a Rosary for Linda Gibbons.