Friday, 25 September 2015

Apostasy over America: Catholicism in the USA is a disaster

One would never know that the Catholic Church is collapsing in New York if one watches Timothy Cardinal Dolan. Ever laughing, the Cardinal boasted about his cathedral's facelift (that cost  a mere $200 million). Yet His Eminence failed to note all the closing parishes  in New York. But it gets worse, much, much worse. The fact is, behind the hysterical celebrity-like treatment of the Pope by the media and  the crowds,  there is apostasy. They have the buildings, the Africans have the Faith. 

If it is in fact true that 90 percent of Catholics in the United States see the family with a married father and mother as the ideal environment for raising children, there is also a large percentage who at the same time see it as acceptable that children grow up with parents who are single (87 percent), or divorced (83 percent), or just cohabiting (83 percent), or of the same sex (66 percent).

And if one asks if the Church should recognize homosexual marriages, 46 percent of American Catholics respond yes, against an equal proportion of nos. But there is a distinct majority (62 percent) of those who would like the Church to allow communion for the cohabiting and for those who have remarried civilly while the spouse married in church is still alive.Among those who go to Mass every Sunday (one fourth of the total) and those who go more infrequently there are notable differences. The former are more faithful to the magisterium of the Church. But even among them those against communion for the divorced and remarried do not amount to half, topping out at 42 percent.These attitudes are influenced by personal experience. One fourth of American Catholic adults have had a divorce, and one out of nine have remarried civilly. One out of ten cohabit without being married, and almost half have cohabited for a certain period of their lives. Among the divorced, one fourth have requested and obtained a declaration of nullity for their sacramental marriage.

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