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Friday, 25 September 2015

Michael Voris: why the American "right" is a collaborator with the "left" in its hatred of the Church and Christ

"...there can be no genuine solution of the "social question" apart from the Gospel"
Pope John Paul II, Centesimus Annus

Michael Voris is one Catholic who understands the grave threat of naturalism (liberalism, when applied to politics and economics). I have written about the baneful influence of John Locke on American society in the past. But Locke is not the most influential figure in American history. Henry VIII is. Ultimately, that disease riddled and lecherous apostate is the spiritual father of America. We are now seeing the disintegration of America before our very eyes.  

It was from the poisoned well of the philosophy of Locke that the American "founding fathers" drank deeply. Most American Catholics, so brain washed from their school days to regard these men as idols, have incredible difficulty to see them as what they really were. Many perform incredible mental feats of self-deception to deny the innate anti-Catholicism in their deistic and naturalistic ideology. 

Incredibly, most of us have even met devout Catholic Americans - even daily communicants - who hold these men up for admiration. For example, the slave owners George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. We must judge men not on so much what they say, but what they do. Jefferson had many beautiful words (if not sophistries); however Catholics need to be blunt: this man was objectively evil. As was Washington. 

With freedom detached from truth, it is only normal that one evil leads to another. Hence the appearance of the diabolical baby killer, Barack Obama; or so-called "conservative" Catholics who love their contraception, such as Chris Christie. And so on. At one time America fudged along with reasonably decent men running a country founded on a flawed Constitution. But eventually men become what they believe in: the indifferentism to truth in the philosophy of the "founding fathers" has seeped into most Americans' minds, turning them to mush. 

Americans have far better men and women to admire and imitate: Elizabeth Seton and Junipero Serra, for example. 

Religious liberty is really code for religious indifferentism. American "freedom" is based on this. It is a lie. It is blasphemy. Freedom is based on Truth. Our Lord is truth.

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John Laws said...

Your analysis of the neo-Catholic conflation of "Catholic" conservatism and libertarianism is spot on. With the fall of overt communist regimes, we must be vigilant about the other side of the dialectic, fascism. It never went away, but was absorbed and mercenarized by likeminded progressives in the West.