Tuesday 29 September 2015

Homosexual activist: "to think that the hierarchy was unaware of Mo Rocca's sexual orientation before selecting him would be naive..."

What is the fallout of selecting a militant homosexual as lector for the Papal Mass last Friday at Madison Square Gardens? The "Catholic" media may be silent, but the homosexual media is not. "My Weekend with Francis" published by Out Magazine carries an article that articulates clearly the very serious scandal and damage caused. 

"...In all seriousness, though, I’ve been taught my entire life that blessed are those who have not seen and yet still believe, and I think that definitely applies to Pope Francis. Even if he didn’t see our film, he must know that devout LGBT Catholics exist, many of whom refuse to be silenced by an institution that has historically told them that they can’t live fully and that some of their actions are inherently sinful.

Perhaps that’s why the pope indirectly made a bold declaration at Friday’s Mass, which induced goosebumps from the moment he drove into the arena. To think that the Church hierarchy was unaware of Mo Rocca’s sexual orientation before selecting him for the prime gig would be naive and dismissive. This was a deliberate, and necessary, move to acknowledge a socially- and spiritually-marginalized group, and I was happy to take it.

...The remainder of the Mass was lovely, though it went by rather quickly. Unfortunately, my attempt at making a statement with my Pride rubber bracelet while receiving Communion was thwarted by darkness. No, really. There were very few lights on where we were, so the Eucharistic minister’s laser-beam focus on my hands was crucial...

...After grabbing a couple of beers at Woody’s, we returned to our friends’ apartment to watch Pope Francis get serenaded by a divalicious Aretha Franklin in bedazzled heels. Almost immediately after, an Australian couple randomly appeared on stage. In keeping with the night’s familial theme, they nervously tried reciting a memorized speech about their fears with regards to marriage, namely that its very definition was being threatened. Insert angered groans here. We tried our best to mask the taste of disgust in our mouths with white wine, but the damage was done..."

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