Friday, 11 September 2015

How many priests dedicated to saving souls for Christ have time to tweet?

A good friend of mine just asked me this very question. We all have heard about these clerical-careerists busily tweeting away furiously.... but what of it? The real question comes back: 

 How many priests dedicated to saving souls for Christ have time to tweet? 

Three priests with over 35,000 tweets between them...and counting. 


Suzanne said...

Calling people faggots is unbecoming a Catholic.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with Tweeting. I think priests should tweet MORE because then they make themselves more available to people with their questions, etc. And 35 000 tweets between 3 people is nothing on Twitter.

James Joseph said...

Its only unbecoming for a lady. As for men, we have dragons to smite.

Freyr said...

I never actually learned to tweet. The fact that you have and actually find the time to track the habits of these people is rather indicative of something. Also the fact that you would tolerate remarks like "faggots" that so obviously violate our comment policy is disturbing. Trolling, personal attacks and insults have no place on this blog.

Barona said...

Tweeting is not the problem. The problem is priests who seem to think that social media is pastoral work. It is not.

As to the two vulgar tweets you are correct and they have been removed. They were posted without reflection; yes, they do violate our policy.