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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Katie Couric's visit to Salt and Light Media: an "honour and privilege"; yet she is a donor to Planned Parenthood!

What is going on at Salt and Light Media? A few weeks ago they considered it an honour and privilege to "welcome" Katie Couric at their studios. Couric, as readers should know, is on the record as donating money to Planned Parenthood. Perhaps her support for abortion and Planned Parenthood was not known? Perhaps staff did not do their homework? As I do not follow this woman, I did mine and discovered that she holds positions that are morally repugnant.

One wonders how is it possible to be billed as such by Salt and Light, especially as that organization is headed by a prominent priest, Fr. Thomas Rosica CSB, who is also the English language assistant for the Holy See Press Office? Surely someone at Salt and Light would have informed Fr. Rosica of Couric's support of Planned Parenthood? Surely someone at Salt and Light would be aware of all the recent exposure of the wickedest organization on earth; its harvesting baby body parts; employees also sadistically butchering babies etc? 

This is embarrassing for our Holy Father Francis, who, knowing of the terrible epidemic of abortion, just recently decreed that in those dioceses where the indult does not already exist, priests may lift the excommunication of a repentant mother and provide absolution for the grave sin of procuring an abortion. Thank-you most Holy Father for reaching out to mothers! Here we have a Pope who has just increased the focus on the scourge of abortion, and then we have a priest of the Holy See Press Office not properly advised by his underlings about his guest's support for this evil. 

Abortion has rightly been called "the preeminent intrinsic evil of our time" by two American bishops. St. Pope John Paul II fought the scourge of abortion during his entire papacy. 

It is time that Salt and Light packed it in. There is no light and there is no salt.  There is darkness and decay. 

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Freyr said...

When you stand before Our Lord to be judged, no one is going to ask you about Fr. Tom Rosica. Perhaps you can get yourself a sharpened pencil and go on the lecture circuit exposing lies and falsehoods. Go practice your pencil swirly...