Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Santa Claus Parade: The profanation of Christmas

Today - sadly - the repulsive Santa Claus Parade will be staged in Toronto. The materialists will claim that it is the "start" of the "Christmas" season; usually they prefer the word: "holiday". And so the modern day Bacchus will be the highlight of the start of about 5 weeks or so of pure materialism, ending strictly on the 25th of December. Christmas is over, so we are told by the materialists. 

Let us not be fooled. If it were not for presents, Christmas would have been dead and buried from the public eye, just as "they" have buried Easter. Notice, that during Easter, not only is Our Lord not mentioned, but if He is, He is attacked and/or His Church ridiculed. But I digress. Back to the issue at hand. 

We are told that "getting ready for Christmas" (opps, the "holidays") means buying so-called presents etc.It means repugnant winter "songs", a few may have some vague reference to what took place 2000 some odd years ago, but only in the off chance. Jesus is definitely persona non grata at his birthday. 

Not content with blaspheming Our Lord; for whatever detracts from Him, whatever removes Him from His rightful place - and does not this rotund demon do so? - is blasphemy; the perverters of Christmas have also corrupted the lovable, yet stridently orthodox St. Nicholas; turning our saint from a bishop who used physical force against the heretic Arius, into a bloated buffoon, an advertisement for Coca Cola (having abandoned his priesthood on the way and contracting an illicit marriage). 

It is not for without reason that it has been pointed out that the name "Santa" with a move of a single letter becomes "Satan". 

Let us keep away from the materialism, far be it from us to join with the perverters and allow them to corrupt of Feasts. But this profanation of Christmas could not be possible had society not been already corrupted with a profound spirit of selfishness. More on this later...

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