Monday, 10 November 2014

Catechesis is vital: God is Doctrine

There is an excellent website where you can turn to superb resources for catechesis. God is Love: but this Love is Truth, not sentiment. God is "Doctrine". Without doctrine, one cannot draw near to His Love. I personally endorse The Canadian Catechist. 

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Brian said...

In the venerable Catholic Encyclopedia, when you go to Cathechisms/Catechetics you are directed to the entry on Doctrine. Modern Catholic religious education, has abandoned this Catechetics/Doctrine unity and replaced it with obscurantist slop, devoid of any doctrinal underpinning. This site looks like it makes that traditional connection. Going into the Second Vatican Council, the all time best selling High School Religion text was Archbishop Sheehan's Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine. That book is a pleasure to read. What a contrast to the fog of comtemporary religious ed.