Wednesday, 12 November 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Italian bishops conference denounce "homosexual marriages" "attempt to undermine... disorientate society" - Cardinal Bagnasco

The Italian bishops conference, meeting in Assisi, has strongly rejected the concept of "homosexual marriages". The following is a translation from the Polish language, Catholic news agency, Radio Maryja (hat tip: Vox Cantoris, who has posted on another major defeat for the Homosexualist Party). 

The Italian Bishops' Episcopate(Conference)  is strongly opposed to a formal recognition of so-called "homosexual marriages", stated a journalist. 

In Assisi, are ongoing discussion of the Italian bishops. The head of the episcopate, Antonio Cardinal Bagnasco said that "the creation of new forms of unions are an irresponsible weakening of the institution of the family... it is an attempt to undermine the social and cultural values of marriage. The purpose of these activities is to disorientate society", said the Cardinal.

Referring to the adoption of children by homosexuals, the President head of the Italian Episcopate stated that the child is not a "commodity" to satisfy the feelings of adults, but has the right to both father and mother.

The position of the Italian bishops is in accordance with reason, logic and natural law, underscores Dr. Hanna Wujkowska. The bioethicist said that attempts to legalize gay-unions and adoption by children is a big threat.

This type of situation will lead to the destruction of humanity. We know that social development is possible only if we can reproduce, transmit life. In this way, it is natural, good and beautiful. In contrast, these aberrations, that we are talking about, are the destructive of  people. These attempts of  putting children up for adoption does not  solve the situation - on the contrary, because these children unfortunately are going into very bad conditions, they are demoralized, objectively treated as things to meet the whims of people who do not understand exactly what they are; because they are come out against nature, they pay homage to their whims. They are acting against reason, against nature, said Hanna Wujkowska.

Before the Italian administrative court is a pending case brought by the leftist mayor of Rome, who contrary to the law, has registered over a dozen homosexual unions from abroad. This move has sparked public opposition.

(Trans. Barona)

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