Monday, 17 November 2014

Church of England formally adopts "bishopesses" as policy.... apostasy complete as Canadian bishops continue fantasy "dialogue" with Anglicans

Anglican bimbo voting for "bishopesses"
The apostate Church of England, from which the waters of life have long since vanished, as from a broken cistern, has now formally voted to commence with "bishopesses". If this were not tragic enough, let us recall the delusional and irenicist gathering just over a week ago in St. James' Anglican Cathedral in Toronto between Catholics and Anglicans. You will notice that the voters in favour of this act of apostasy are elderly, wealthy white individuals. 

The only hope for Anglicans is the Ordinariate, lovingly gifted to Christ's Church  by the Holy Spirit, through the Apostolic hands of Pope Benedict XVI. 

Vox Cantoris has written powerfully on this foolish gathering, and the clerical forces behind it. Touching was also the testimony of an anonymous person who contacted this blog via the combox. Please pray for the conversion of England. 

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Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

I love the caption at the bottom of your photo: "Anglican bimbo voting for bishopesses." It is sad though how the Church of England has fallen. Vox et all will be happy to know that my husband, Lawrence Fox, believes that the way unity will be achieved among the Christian churches is that all will fail except Catholicism. We see here the Church of England collapsing into the values of the world, and being indistinguishable from such, while the faithful Anglican remnant have crawled inside the lifeboat of the Catholic Church. May many more find their way home. God bless you. Susan Fox