Friday, 14 November 2014

The Exodus of Christians from Syria - exclusive video of Chaldean Bishop Audo in talk given in Warsaw

His Excellency, the Chaldean Bishop from Syria, Aleppo Antoine Audo was the guest of the Polish Bishop's Conference from the 6th - 9th of November, to mark the 6th International Day of Solidarity with the Persecuted Church (Nov.9th). His Excellency gave the following talk in Warsaw, as a guest of H.E. Artur Minski. The bishop speaks in English.... please watch and learn about the tragedy taking place with a silent world watching. 

Sadly, tragically, "western" Episcopates are disgracing themselves with silence. What did your bishop say on November 9th? Were you even aware of the International Day of Solidarity with the Persecuted Church? One can understand why the media, the newspapers, the secular institutions, the governments, et. are silent. They hate Christianity, and are glad to see it suffer. There is no worse persecutor of the Church than an apostate - witness the savagery of the French Revolution against the Church.

Prior to watching the video, please remember Asia Bibi, the young Pakistani women under a death sentence for expressing her Catholicism. 

Pope Francis, I am your daughter Asia Bibi. I urge you: pray for my salvation and my freedom. At this point I can only entrust to God Almighty who can do anything for me.” Asia Noreen Bibi 

The Pakistani situation is extremely grave, as exemplified by last weeks' sadistic torture and murder of Christian parents by a rag-tag mob of Muslims, urged on by their Imam.  Hatred for Christianity is deeply rooted. Please pray for for the safety of Christians in Pakistan. And please raise these issues - lest we too be condemned for silence, and de facto collusion.  

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