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Monday, 24 November 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Pope Francis: "clinics...did abortions then prepared everything to send it to cosmetic factories...makeup made with the blood of innocents"

Vox Cantoris is one of a few blogs that are carrying a shocking speech by His Holiness, Pope Francis to the European bishops. Shocking in its powerful blunt truth about European apostasy. You will not find these words of the Holy Father making it into the mainstream media, or onto "official" Catholic media sites etc. Vox's comments are in red. 

And there is the danger that the children of mother, today practically grandma Europe, are losing their dignity because they do not have jobs and cannot bring bread home. Europe has discarded its children. (ABORTION!) A bit triumphantly. I remember that when I was studying in one country the clinics that did abortions then prepared everything to send it to cosmetic factories. Makeup made with the blood of innocents. And this was something to brag about, because it was progressive: the rights of the woman, the woman has the right over her body. (Yes, her right to kill her baby and her right to have a pretty face from its fetal tissue -- where were/are the bishops in this, particularly those of Germany who continue with their pornographic publishing empire. Pornography leads to abortion)....

The FULL text may be read here. 

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Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Good Job Pope Francis, and Vox commenting on Pope Francis! But they are complaining about Europe. Everything they are saying is true of the U.S. and certainly Canada too? And, of course, South America. The pope saw all this in South America. I remember being in PetSmart, a store that sells pets and pet equipment. They allow people to bring their pets into the store. There was this very young couple obviously in love. The female partner was tenderly clutching a tiny baby puppy in her arms like a young mother might hold her infant child. I wanted to vomit.

Pope Francis really knows what is happening in our society. He is totally awake to the dangers. Who are the barbarians? Those caught in the culture of death. This generation's barbarians wear nice suits, look really good, have iPads, and iPhones, computers, but they kill children and stuff them in make-up. That is worse than barbarism. But this comes about because people do not know God. I wrote about these barbarians in Murder of Innocents: Out of Evil Comes a Greater Good: http://christsfaithfulwitness.blogspot.com/2014/04/murder-of-innocents-out-of-evil-comes.html#.VHQ65UuDi4Q

It's so exciting to have a pope who recognizes these evils. God bless you. Susan Fox www.christsfaithfulwitness.com