Tuesday, 4 November 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Cardinal Tagle: "they focused on homosexuality"? Were his words distorted by official Catholic news agencies?

I place a question mark after the title, as we have a problem. Christiana 24, a Polish Catholic media service, reports that Cardinal Tagle of Manila, in an interview expressed concern that media reporting on the recent Synod on the Family was dominated by western journalists, without any presence from  Asia or Africa. The results of this western secular presence was, in the Cardinal's words, to be "focused on homosexuality". The other concern of the media was Holy Communion for the divorced and civilly remarried. 

However, Cathnews New Zealand, reports the Cardinal only referred to what has become know in English, as same-sex marriage. Words carry meaning, words are important. Did the Cardinal speak of homosexuality, or same-sex marriage?  UCAnews, quotes the Cardinal speakings of "gay union". 

Given that the Synod, not even during the interim relatio endorsed so-called same-sex marriage, or "gay unions", it is highly probable that the Cardinal also referred to the issue of "homosexuality". In other words, another major "official" Catholic news agencies are trying to shift attention away from Catholic doctrinal teaching on the intrinsic sinfulness of homosexual acts, and fudge the issue by only speaking of "same-sex marriage". 

And this draws me to a very grave concern: are major official Catholic news agencies becoming party to the Homosexualists who seek to change praxis on active homosexuality? For if the Cardinal focused on "homosexuality" it would signal disapproval; and this is held to be intolerable by the Homosexualists.

To conclude, the Archbishop of Wellington, wrote this about the Synod. We know now that only three individuals spoke of homosexuality, so, the archbishop is not telling the truth. Also note, his homosexualist position: fudge on the sinfulness of homosexuality, oppose same-sex marriage. 

Many bishops spoke at length about homosexuality. The very fact that this topic was being discussed so openly is a change from previous discussions. They were genuinley [sic] trying to find a way to recognise those who live a homosexual lifestyle, but were on no way comparing such a union to Christian marriage.

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