Thursday, 6 November 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Pakistani Catholic family "tortured and killed for Christ" - stoned and burned alive by Imam and Moslem mob

On Tuesday, November 4th, a Catholic family was brutally murdered by a mob of Moslems in Pakistan. Shahzad Masih and his wife, Shama, who was with child, were stoned and burnt to death. The incident began with Mr. Masih being accused of burning the Koran, after he had burnt belongings of his late father, including some papers. 

The Catholic couple were imprisoned in a brickyard. On the following day, a mob of about 400 came from the local mosque, and under the instructions of the local imam, meted out "justice". 

His Excellency, Bishop Rufin Anthony of Islamabad has denounced this as an act of barbarity. The murders shows the direct responsibility of local muslims leaders, yet police have made no arrests. 

These bestial murders show what a precarious state Catholics in Pakistan live. Please continue to pray for the safe release of Asia Bibi, whose death sentence has not yet been overturned; that she be released into freedom. 

(news source: Nasz Dziennik)

The Polish Bishops Conference is carrying a brief article on these horrifying murders. Is yours? 

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