Thursday, 10 August 2017

BREAKING: Vatican covering up Homosexual Orgy by removing photos of Luigi Capozzi from official website!

Luigi "Cocaine" Capozzi in his element with the wealthy elite 

Luigi "Cocaine" Capozzi was arrested by police with a bag of cocaine at a homosexual orgy in an exclusive Vatican palatial apartment. (How a priest sworn to evangelical poverty can afford cocaine is another story. But money never seems to be in short supply for men who live the decadent lifestyle of Renaissance princes). 

"Cocaine" Capozzi, the Secretary to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmario, was  then briefly placed in rehab, to then be spirited away to Monte Casino by Coccopalmario. Two huge questions leap out: 1) why was not Capozzi charged with drug possession?; and 2) why were no other participants in the orgy arrested? 

Life is all laughter, fun and parties for cocaine snorting, sodomite, Mgr. Luigi Capozzi

The Vatican has been covering up the drugs fueled homosexual orgy, which happened at least three month ago. Edward Pentin was rebuffed by the Holy See Press Office, which has officially gone on record to not comment. 

How do we know that the Vatican is ACTIVELY involved in a coverup? 

The website of the Pontifical Council of Legislative Texts has removed all photos. Compare the following screenshots. 



However, you will notice that Capozzi, cocaine snorter and militant sodomite is STILL a member of the Council. 

Do these churchmen take us for fools?  

They believe by just removing his photo (and along with the others, so as to try to fool us into believing they are just changing designs) all will be forgotten. This action only shows the degree of narcissism, of arrogance, of contempt and loathing these evil men have for Catholics. 

Let there be no doubt: these men HATE Our Lord Jesus Christ. They despise Him and His Church. 

They are infiltrators, parasites, liars, thieves of the widow's mite. 

But there day has come. 

They have been exposed. They will be driven out. 

We do not wish evil upon these men; we pray for their conversion. Capozzi and his fellow homosexuals need to repent, lead lives of penance. They need to confess their sins. 

But there is another force within the Vatican that is the most sinister, the most fiendish. I refer to those churchmen who have literally handed themselves over to Satan, through the profession of Luciferianism and the occult. This demonic force that controls and manipulates the homosexuals (many of whom were abused as young boys) is truly the enemy. St. Paul alludes to it when he speaks of not flesh and blood, but principalities of darkness (c.f. Ephesians, 6:12). 

Our Lady of Fatima and Akita, pray for us. 


Ana Milan said...

The depressing thing is that the promised formal correction was never made. It should be in this centenary year of Fatima as this is the year to drive out these minions of Satan from the Vatican & its Episcopates. Many so-called 'conservatives' among the Hierarchy did not step up to the plate when they should have & signed the Dubia. We now have to ask ourselves if they have sufficient faith in Our Redeemer to warrant their wearing the red hat which signifies their readiness to die for Him?

We know that PF silently approves of distorting the True Faith & will never publicly admonish these & the many other perverts occupying high-ranking positions in the CC. They put him where he is & he is happy to act as the political exponent of their evil agenda. Cardinal Burke & the two remaining Dubia Cardinals need to quickly act - they don't require a Papal Audience to issue the formal correction & call for an imperfect council - the Catholic laity at large expects them to do so before October.

Unknown said...

I'm still waiting for someone to tell us what happened to the pictures/videos taken AT the orgy.

Please, don't tell there were none!. What data points would they connect?

nazareusrex said...

Please, can you also publish about the sacrilege of the sacrament of baptism abused by sodomite activists together with their adopted children who also become gay activists in Brazil. Thanks

TLM said...

The Vatican has called for an exorcist to be assigned to every diocese world wide. I said elsewhere, I wonder if they're going to start right there in the Vatican? But......they need more than one, more like a team (as in football team) to do THAT job.


*their day has come (not, "there" day has come)

Aged parent said...

A third great question: why was this man not instantly defrocked ?

Anonymous said...

Bergoglio covered up for abuse a Buenos Aires school for deaf AND handicapped Children. Absolutely Nothing done despite he Bergoglio having been REPEATEDLY until After he left for Rome. Similar scandal in Verona Italy school under Francis Papacy. Reinstatement of infamous Father Invilio AFTER Benedict 16th removed him from priesthood for sexual abuse of minor children n the confessional no less. NO Supervision or oversight of Invlio after Francis Bergoglio reinstated him. Then there is Francis Bergoglio promotion Of Radclife, Roisicia and Amer,. Mgz Martin . Lastly Francis Bergoglio promotion of Maradiaga of Honduras, two bishops in Chile and three in Belguim AFTER they were exposed for cover up of Homosexual predator pederast Homosexual deviant clergy. Now the ignoring of the scandal and Obvious cover up in the Vatican itself. Do you SEE a pattern here or what???