Sunday, 27 August 2017

Justin Trudeau joined by General and his "Brown Shirts" in the Ottawa "Gay Pride Parade"

A shameful betrayal of Canada and Her Armed Forces 

Today, we will see Canada's de facto "Brown Shirts" along with this country's highest ranking "General" Jonathan Vance marching with our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau (described by a prominent priest as giving Canada "...bold, courageous leadership..."). 

NO: Sin is sin.  

History shows the insidious nature of a military infested, dominated, controlled by homosexuals. We all should be well aware of homosexual Ernst Röhm and his paramilitary Sturmabteilung (SA), known as the "Brown Shirts". Infested with homosexuals, upon their dismemberment, they all went into the SS. 

Incidentally, Mussolini, (who would eventually end up as Hitler's errand boy during the War) earlier in the 30s described the Fuhrer as a "horrible sexual degenerate", and Germany teeming with "pederasts". Mussolini would know, for Italian spies were heavily active in Germany prior to the War.

Even when they hit 75 and up, you can tell a real soldier when you see one!
Polish Patriot, Lech Bukowski in the South American Jungle

One final point. What strange interest in homosexuality does Justin Trudeau have to march in his fourth "gay pride parade" of the year? The answer, I leave up to you, dear reader. 

Justin Trudeau with drag queens. Is he mentally unstable, demonically oppressed?

St. Joseph, pray for Canada

Please pray for Justin Trudeau's conversion, that he be freed from the demonic  forces that control his life. 


Jonah said...

You may want to recall Paul Bernardo's drinking buddy:

Anonymous said...

Who is the "prominent priest" who said that?