Wednesday 9 August 2017

The Wolf in the Fold

Pro-homosexual & Planned Parenthood propaganda actively
participated in by "Catholics"

For watchers of Star Trek, we all remember the seemingly innocent who actually was the malevolent knife murderer. But reality is always stranger than fiction. 

So too, in the Catholic Church we have our "soul" murderers. 

Duplicitous fraudsters who live a double-life, masquerading as pious Catholics, but, in reality, and by their fruits, vicious spiritual destroyers. 

I wish to discuss not evil clergy, but evil laity for a change. 

I do not refer to lapsed and confused adults, but to those who publicly manifest piety, even go to Church, but in their dealings with others, and - most tragically - with their families - are ravenous wolves. 

Pro-abortion materials sold at the "Brazen" event

Nothing is more vile than a Catholic parent or a teacher who neglects or even panders to an evil lifestyle of a child, yet all the while going to church. 

Nothing is more pathetic than to see poster Catholic families collapsing as child after child wanders off into lesbianism, libertinism, pro-abortionism etc., etc.  

There is nothing more pathetic than to see supposed "Catholic" parochial schools "within the Catholic tradition" totally oblivious to degenerate students. Rattling off daily Rosaries is not the solution. I, for one, am not in good cheer. But that is what happens as fathers, as men become more effeminate, allowing themselves to be dominated by women. The family is turned on its head, with obvious results. Men, refuse to be men. 

Obviously, something did not click. It is one thing to know about Jesus Christ. It is another thing to love Him. By their fruits ye shall know them.  

St. Alphonsus di Liguori discusses the duties and obligations a parent has towards children. On judgment Day, a parent will have to answer before God for the soul of the youngster. The same applies to teachers who have charge over young people. 

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