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Friday, 30 June 2017

The Vatican's "Convenient homosexuals" are deliberate time bombs to destroy the Church

The massive infiltration of homosexuals into the Catholic Church since at least the 1940s, has resulted in two things: 1) homosexual control of the organs of power in the Church, and 2) blackmail control by State and secular powers over the Church.

Let us examine these two concepts, and then apply them to real life examples. 

The first really requires very little explanation. Anyone who denies that homosexuals control seminaries, chanceries, are in the Curia, (e.g. homosexual parties held by very high rankings churchmen), are Cardinals, bishops (not to mention priests), is living in a world of delusion and will never be convinced. The above screenshot of homosexual propaganda from the Vatican's own, Radio Vatican should put to rest any scepticism about the power and influence that sodomites wield on Vatican Hill. 

Readers may wish to review some information here, here and view Fr. John O'Connor's "The Homosexual Conspiracy against the Catholic Church", here. 

The secular State in her foundations is anti-Christian and "liberal" (or, Masonic). There is, and was, since the foundation of official Freemasonry in 1717, an antipathy and spiritual war between the Church and Deism (at best). This liberalism emerged triumphant at the end of the War as the ideology that was to reign supreme in the world. 

As the secular State, under the ever growing guidance and penetration of liberalism became more overtly anti-Christian, the same State could not but take a new look as to how she deals with the Catholic Church.  With her vast technological abilities, and her keen interest in influencing, controlling, and eventually re-molding the Church to serve as a tool for the State, the State became very keen to know the secrets of the Church, especially learning about the failings and sins of churchmen that can be used to "guide" the Church to come to an acceptance of modern man, his desires, his liberty, his emancipation from God. To be a co-builder of a new world order, with man as the new god. 

Are we really going to be that simple-minded to believe that the CIA, MI6, MI5, the FBI, the NSA, CSIS and on and on are not aware of the sexual escapades of churchmen, and the implications of knowing these sexual escapades? Especially the escapades of bishops and cardinals? 

The State is well aware what power and influence she then wields over the churchmen desperate to cover-up their homosexual conspiracy that they have pulled over the faithful. Occasionally the curtain is drawn back when over zealous sodomite clergy play the pervert with under age boys, instead of restraining their perversions with legal of-age so-called "lovers", or remaining in gay bars and bathhouses (such as Monsignor Ricca's sodomite antics in South America at a gay bar). 

The State therefore has real power in controlling cardinals, bishops and even popes through blackmail. 

Notice how the pro-life movement never goes anywhere? Notice, for example, the uncanny silence of Cardinal Dolan when Hilary Clinton stridently came out in favour of infanticide (also known as partial birth abortion)? Notice how these bishops can really move when it comes to raising cash, or endorsing strange political movements and ideas, but are (so they always claim) helpless and SILENT in stopping bad catechetics, stopping abortion, opposing contraception, opposing homosexuality and the "LGBTQ +Pride" agenda, stopping dissent on moral issues (e.g. several dozen religious organizations and communities openly support New Ways Ministry and the bishops have done NOTHING),  opposing bad Catholic teachers and so-called Catholic universities and schools... So on and so on....

All these religious Organizations & Orders OFFICIALLY support HOMOSEXUAL activity Why: just how many of these priests are "gays"; the nuns, lesbians? 

Are these bishops really that helpless, or is it a combination of lack of Faith and blackmail? Do we really think that the NSA that infiltrated and spied on private citizen Donald Trump, has not infiltrated and spied on the US Cardinals? Are we naive to think that their phone conversations are not tapped for information, their private homes bugged and the results discovered used to eventually "guide" them? 

Now let us look at two real life examples. 

Firstly, let us take the "manly" sounding and appearing Cardinal Keith O'Brien. Staunch "conservative" etc., etc. Lo and behold he moves up through the ranks to become the UK's senior Prelate. Do you remember all his "conservative" supporters? All those who defended him? 

Then? Bang! The time bomb goes off. 

Down O'Brien goes and the Church is dragged into the mud. Are we really to believe that MI5 and 6 knew nothing about the Cardinal's homosexual escapades? Are we really to believe that his phone lines were never tapped, that his residence was never bugged? Let us not be naive. We can then begin to reflect on how such a man was put in such a position of authority. Was Rome ordered to advance this "conservative" homosexual by secret services working at the bidding of Freemasonry? It certainly is a reasonable proposition.

Now, let us look at the case of Cardinal Pell. "Manly" Cardinal Pell. "Big George" as he was known. This case seems even more open and shut. The 2002 legal hearing into a 1961 homosexual abuse incident of a 12 year old boy was dropped by the judge because there was not enough evidence to move to trial, though the judge believed the plaintiff was telling the truth. 

Are we really to believe that the Romans knew nothing about this? Are we really to believe that they are that naive? We also have the scandal of Pell attending court with sexual torturer and serial rapist, ex-priest, Ridsdale. Yet Bishop Pell was never seen with any victim. When called out by families then Pell claimed it was a mistake. Are we really going to buy this nonsense from such a well educated and sophisticated man? Some mistake! 

Next we have the Royal Commission into sexual abuse of children (the vast majority boys) by priests. Pell disgraced himself during testimony. Pell also was caught lying on video to a journalist. Yet none of this was of any concern to Pell's sycophants at the Synod ("oohh, he's soooo conservative.... oohh!!!). These simple, but well meaning people forget one thing: don't listen to what the bishop says, watch what he does. Any bishop can talk the talk, even stage a Latin Mass and dress up in lace. That is all window dressing. There are very credible reports that there are active homosexual churchmen in Rome who say the old Latin Mass. Watch out, dear Catholics! 

So for all of his highly questionable history, Pell made his way through the ranks of the Australian hierarchy to the top, and then onto Rome to great heights. He became one of them, a Roman. 

Then, once again: the time bomb goes off! 

Another huge, huge humiliation for the Church. Another (so-called) "conservative" churchman revealed as.... the courts will finally decide, but be assured, the police did not lay charges lightly in this case. Let us use some common sense: there can be no doubt that secret services knew all about Pell. There can also be no doubt that the Romans knew all about Pell as well. 

"Bloody hell" (I use these words advisedly) I know about Pell! I actually took the time to read the entire transcript of the 2002 case. Are we to believe that the Romans did not?  Are we to believe that they did not know that a cloud of suspicion hung over Pell, over "Big George"? 

Dear friends, Satan is rejoicing. The smoke of Satan has entered the Church. In fact, this smoke was there for decades and decades. I thank God for Vatican II. It blew the lid off the hypocrisy, the lies, the deception, the ever increasing filth that Pope Benedict spoke of, before "they" drove him off the Throne of Peter. 

Dear friends, these men are not the first, nor will they be the last time bombs going off. Watch and Pray. Pray the Rosary. Remain humble. Pray for these men, these homosexuals, these Freemasons. 

Remember too that Christ is in ABSOLUTE and TOTAL control of HIS Church. 

He is allowing bad and evil churchmen as a punishment for infidelity. Let us not be unfaithful. Stay with the See of Peter. No matter how dark, cling to the one, holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. 

If we are not invited inside, so be it, let us shiver on the verandah. But let us never, ever wander off to some false, synagogue of Satan. 

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