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Friday, 2 June 2017

How homosexual priests have created "gay affirming" dissident groups

Toronto's de facto Dignity chapter, All Inclusive Ministries
There is a major homosexual takeover crisis in the Catholic Church. The result of decades of infiltration in the priesthood has created an unprecedented crisis. A combination of blackmail, cowardice, and the reality that some bishops are themselves practicing homosexuals has led to the mushrooming of dissenting homosexual organizations. There are estimates that the number of homosexual clergy could be between 50-70%. Even if it were 10%, a small highly organized cabal will quickly establish total control over a diocese or seminary. Witness the emasculation of Cardinal Dolan in New York. He is just one of many bishops reduced to cowering in terror.

OECTA marching in "gay Pride in Toronto
For example, in Ontario, the militantly pro-homosexual Ontario English Teachers Association (OECTA) along with the various pro-homosexual Boards (such as the Toronto Catholic District School Board;TCDSB), displays the Rainbow flag in schools. The bishops have done absolutely nothing about this open promotion of homosexuality. 

In New York City, for example, the Paulist Fathers openly promote homosexuality, including the city's notorious "gay pride" parade. They do this at their mother church, St. Paul the Apostle. It should also be noted that these Judas priests are very closely connected with the powerful and wealthy Cuomo family. Indeed, Fr. Edward Beck is a personal friend of Chris Cuomo. 

The grave danger that "gay affirming ministries" cannot be underestimated. Dignity, AGLO, New Ways Ministry, All Inclusive Ministries, Out at St. Paul's etc., etc. are all examples of various dissenting homosexual groups that pandered too, encourage and even outright endorsed homosexual activity. All supported by clergy in various degrees.

The enormity of support for homosexuality by religious congregations and clerical organizations cannot be underestimated. It is my personal observation, based on overt support for homosexuality that lesbianism is probably much higher amongst nuns and religious sisters, than priests. 

Consider the following list of supporters of New Ways Ministry. Also consider that if I know about this list, and you know: do you really think the hierarchy does not, or the Roman authorities? Let us not be naive: these very high ranking churchmen are either homosexuals themselves and/or being blackmailed. 

The following is a video posted by Joseph Sciambra. This is detailed video that goes quite deeply into what is happening - right now - in the Catholic Church. This homosexual takeover is everywhere. Much of the video concerns the efforts by the homosexualist, James Martin S.J. So pro-homosexual are the Jesuits, that Martin brags in the video that he does not know of a Jesuit run church that is not pro "gay". 

Watch this video, show this video to everyone you know. Show it to your priest. Challenge him: will he support Courage and oppose these dissenting groups that are sentencing people tortured with same-sex attraction to hell? 

Please pray for those who have the horrible misfortune of being lied and deceived by these false, evil groups who would claim that sin is a virtue.


Anonymous said...

Does the ordination of a homosexual create a real priest? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

Three things are necessary for a valid sacrament - form, matter and intent.

If we consider Bella Dodd's communist infiltrators, were they validly ordained? They came into the priesthood as atheists, homosexuals, haters of God, did they have the correct intent? The implications of course are enormous and brain exploding.

I think it would the same with this. It all depends. What was the intent of the man being ordained?

Anonymous said...

Say what you will about us Catholics that practice the traditions handed down to us by our forefathers...we still view homosexuality as a punishment for idolatry.

Blogger said...

The "intent" required for the validity of ordination pertains to the bishop who is ordaining, not the person being ordained.

Fr. VF said...

When discussing "intent" it is necessary to be clear about WHAT "intent" is required for validity. Some amateur theologians will say: "This man never intended to be a good priest, so his ordination was invalid."

This is a serious error. The intention necessary for ordination is to receive the sacrament. The notion that a priest must be virtuous, or in the state of grace, in order to receive orders himself, or in order to celebrate the sacraments validly, is the heresy of Donatism.

Winslow1191 said...

Are you such a priest, Fr. VF?