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Friday, 9 June 2017

BREAKING: Mary Wagner free after six months of Imprisonment

Mary Wagner, has been freed today, after her trial at Old City Hall Courthouse. She and Linda have been doing all the "heavy lifting" in this poor country eo may be viewed here. of Canada.The news of her freedom, and that she returns to court on Tuesday, the 13th, for the mere formality of the trail was broken on Friday afternoon, by Goniec TV.

The trial was delayed by the Crown in its attempt to try to obtain a media black out. Obviously abortionists are not too proud of killing human life. 

The real shocker came when it was disclosed that one of the abortionists is Heather Culbert, a "business partner" with fellow abortionist Ninia Lupovici at the Bloor West Women's Clinic. 

Culbert is also the Canadian President of the well known organization, Medecin sans Frontier/Doctors Without Borders. More information can be read about her here. 

 [updated 6/10/2017: 7:25 a.m.]


Anonymous said...

Great news, indeed! Thank you for posting the update! A Mass was requested by her dad this morning with the Fellowship of Blessed John Henry Newman. Thanks be to God for prayers answered.

Anonymous said...

Difficult to see what further media black outs achieve, and why they are fighting so hard on this one. Dr Culbert is prez of MSF and people who fund this should know.

piotr2000 said...

Let's pray:
Thank you God for your Grace.
Thank You for Mary Wagner
whom You gave us
as a sign of great faith
and non-compromise in fighting for unborn children.
Our Father Who are in Heaven...

Praypraypray said...

God bless Mary Wagner and her father. He must be proud of his daughter for her courageous, strong stand for life. God bless all pro-lifers. Praise God! Thank You, God.

Chad H. said...

Laus Deo! Deo Gratias!