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Thursday, 29 June 2017

BREAKING: Canadian Archbishop Martin Currie endorses "LGBTQ + Pride"

Heresiarch, Martin Currie believes homosexual activity
should be "accepted and respected..."

Archbishop Martin Currie of St. John's, NFLD indulgences into homosexual propaganda are nothing new. During the Synod of the Family, Currie informed the CBC:

"Hopefully we can find some accommodation where (same-sex) unions are accepted and respected and they can have a part in the church life."

Grossly sinful actions are to be "accepted", "respected"?

Currie also went on to express support for homosexuals as priests:

"To be homosexual is no barrier to holiness and compassion. We have a number of men who are very good and excellent priests who have same-sex orientation and are doing a great job. And there will probably be more in the future."

Doing an excellent job? How can any one living the torture of going through life with same-sex attraction be doing a "great job"? 

Now, Currie's Archdiocese is endorsing and promoting a "LGBTQ + PRIDE" event in the Archdiocesan bulletin.

Ultimately, it is Currie himself who is endorsing and promoting this evil. He is the Ordinary with supreme power: to govern, to sanctify and to teach. Sadly, he is doing none of these, but rather revealing the depth of his depravity. 

From the June 25, 2017 Bulletin, Catholics are encouraged to help practicing
homosexuals build a "welcoming and loving community"  

Is Martin Currie a homosexual? 

Catholics have a right to know, given his support of intrinsically evil actions that as he says should be "accepted" and "respected". 

Is Martin Currie a practicing homosexual?

These are all legitimate questions when we hear the strangest things coming out of a churchman's mouth. When we see support for "LGBTQ + Pride", which is nothing but the glorification of sin.  


Anonymous said...

How did someone like this become a Bishop? Clearly the appointment process of extremely flawed.

Anonymous said...

It will be hard for me to stay Catholic. These men fear married priests because they might push out the gay ones. No one cares about Catholic families and those that follow the Church, only their own selfish interests.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely disgusting. Our beliefs are not subject to change to appease people's desires. Our faith can not be twisted into something it was not meant to be. That's forming a new religion and walking away from true Catholicism and Jesus. If humans are acting in ways that are not representative of Jesus' commandments and teachings, we don't change our religion to accommodate them. No, no, no. What is wrong with this bishop? This is the purest work of the devil attacking the weakest members in the highest faith positions. Surely the pope will not allow this evil to prevail. If so, God will show his hand and you can bet that the end of the world will be not too far around the corner. Stand up pilgrims for what you know is right and wrong and don't be afraid to refuse to accept these immoral ways of thinking and behaving.