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Thursday, 15 June 2017

BREAKING: Catholic Teachers union (OECTA) promoting PRO-ABORTION conference in Canada

The latest pro-abortion organization that OECTA is promoting

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) is a militant, secularist union that deviously promotes abortion. 

Just earlier this year, then OECTA President, Ann Hawkins, re-tweeted a call-out in favour of abortion. She was not censured. OECTA was silent.  The various Catholic Boards were silent. The churchmen were silent.

Following on Justin Trudeau's recent "Feminist" initiative - code for millions of taxpayers dollars to be spent promoting abortion - OECTA has tweeted about the "largest global conference of the rights of women". What OECTA failed to mention, was that "Women Deliver" is a pro-abortion organization. 

If an organization who has as one of its stated objectives the promotion of abortion - which will result in the murder of human life - the individual/s involved in tweeting in favour of them are complicit in advocating for their objectives, which include abortion.  

Just as politicians who vote in favour of abortion, or electors who vote for candidates who favour abortion are complicit in facilitating the killing of the unborn, so too is OECTA by promoting "Women Deliver". 

OECTA tweet promoting "Women Deliver", a pro-abortion organization

I have written in the past about OECTA's evil agenda, its corruption of children by its promotion of homosexuality (such as the Toronto Secondary Unit's ongoing participation at the "gay pride parades"; or the displaying of the Rainbow flag in schools), its promotion of pro-abortion politicians, its promotion of dissent by its advocacy for the so-called ordination of women, its invitation to open enemies of the Church, such as the ex-priest and self-admitted practicing homosexual, Gregory Baum. 

What is incredible and truly is un-explainable is the silence of the Bishops, priests, the Boards, parents and what may remain of Catholic teachers. 

Does the leadership of OECTA really have such power?

What is this stranglehold that OECTA has over the various Catholic Boards?

Besides agreement or sheer terror of the union, I cannot think of another option as to why these people are silent and refuse to call OECTA out. Can you? If there is some other reason, I would be interested in hearing it. 

Let us not be naive, the problem is not just OECTA, it is also collusion with decadent and corrupt Catholic Boards who remain silent as classrooms have been turned over the past few decades into incubators for greater and greater intellectual and spiritual poison. 


Anonymous said...

Haven't you read the program? This is all part of the Church's social justice teaching!

Irenaeus said...

From Baum to OECTA, the poison of modernism and liberalism has kept on making us sicker and sicker. And it's no wonder graduates from the Catholic English school system can't hold up Catholic teaching too well. My high school chaplain, for example, was big on Native spirituality.