Monday 15 April 2013

What happens when you love abortion and contraception?

A somewhat rhetorical question with a simple answer: death. The Daily Telegraph carries an interesting report (well, they couch it in terms of no workers) on the effects of abortion and contraception. But with wide spread access to abortion on veritable demand, and birth control pills being chomped down like candies - what else can we expect?  A demographic winter. Naturally, the Telegraph, and the government minister quoted, makes no mention of this obvious reason for the demographic collapse. To promote a culture of life would be anathema to such moral perverts. 

The Pope predicted it, warned about it; they were voices in the wilderness... so it seems. Here in Canada we had the Winnipeg Statement.... bishops ashamed of Christ, His Vicar and his teaching. 

It was not obvious at first ; the branch cut off from a living tree still remains green for a brief while. But, soon decay sets in and death. So it is with the church in Canada. Ashamed to preach the Gospel in its entirety, Christ is ashamed of the local church before His Father. Grace was withheld, the local church collapsed... Grace will return when the entirety and purity of the Gospel is once more preached, taught and loved (c.f. Pope Francis' sermon, St. Paul Outside the Walls, April, 14, 2013). 

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