Tuesday, 2 April 2013

National Catholic Reporter attacks Cardinal Burke and the Mass!

The National Catholic Reporter columnist, Michael Sean Winters, in a twisted take on the Mandatum controversy - attacked a priest who dared to suggest that the Mandatum is for men only etc. This reporter even had the audacity to suggest that this man should not have been ordained. Such is the "tolerance" of Modernist vipers. In attacking this priest he wrote that those who adhere to the Church's liturgical law are:

 reducing our worship to a kind of ideological statement, and a statement we make, not a listening to whatever statement God is trying to make.

There you have it! The unity of the Church, manifested through the liturgy (the public prayer of the Church) is an "ideological statement". On the contrary,  if we are to believe Winters, worship is to be a "listening to whatever statement God is trying to make".  This is protestantism, this is pure subjectivist, immanentist Modernism. 

Further, not content with having dismissed the teachings of the Church on the matter of the Mandatum, Winters uses it as a wedge to indulged in a grotesque attack on Raymond Cardinal Burke. Apparently, Cardinal Burke is playing a major role in the bad quality of priests and seminaries in the United States.

Winters writes: 

This immaturity has found its way into the episcopacy as well. It must be said: Ever since Cardinal Raymond Burke joined the Congregation for Bishops, the quality of episcopal appointments in the United States has suffered and it is difficult not to perceive his influence on those appointments

Having "disposed" of Cardinal Burke, he then proceeds to the real heart of the matter: the the Latin mass and the alleged lavish expenses of holding such Masses (see the not so subtle hint at moving the Church to "poverty" and false "humility?). The Mass must too be disposed of as it no longer suites 21st century taste. How long will we be before Winters dispatches the Novus ordo and replaces it with a protestant service? Winters targets the Latin mass in this manner: 

Why is this person fascinated with an antique liturgy which, whatever its beauty, is hardly a pastoral plan for the twenty-first century? Why all the “dress-up,” including scandalously expensive cappa magnas that are in no way intrinsic to the rite? Is their something authentic here or is this affection for the old Mass an affectation, and evidence of a desire to escape the present moment?

This article only underscores the depth of the crisis in the Faith that Pope Benedict wrote and spoke about. It only underscores the virulence of the neo-modernist virus.... It also underscores the vicious, malignant attack on the Church launched by Modernism following the election of Pope Francis. Please, you Holiness: do not allow yourself to be manipulated by devils disguised as angels. 

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