Friday, 5 April 2013

Official Catholic newspaper publishes dissent on homosexuality, women's "ordination" etc.

The Prairie Messenger, is noted on the Archdiocese of Winnipeg's website as " ... the official Catholic newspaper for western Canada". If this be the case, why does it promote heresy, dissent?

For example, the Messenger contains a link to Richard P. McBrien's website. A brief perusal of McBrien's most recent musings show that he has taken his theology to even stranger grounds. I shall not fatigue you here with his ravings. The full links page (including the pro-abortion Steven Lewis Foundation) is here.

Indicative of the open dissent is the columnist Isabella R. Moyer. Her blog "catholic dialogue" carries a number of entries on the issue of priestesses, dissent on sexual morality etc., etc.

In an article, published in the Messenger, Moyer has this to say about homosexuality: 

I have many friends who are actively part of the LGBT community. And, yes, they are Catholic. Faith-filled women and men, they refuse to believe that being a gay Catholic is an oxymoron. They refuse to live a secretive existence and refuse to be pushed out of the church they love.

They do not want a more “tolerant” church and society. After all, how would you feel if you were happily told that you were “tolerated” by others? No, they are actively promoting an open, welcoming, inclusive, truly catholic church that can embrace, support and bless loving relationships between two men or two women....

In May, President Obama made headlines when he shared publicly that his views have evolved from accepting civil unions for gays, to a personal acceptance of gay marriage. ... The evolution is also taking place in our language...

We must hope for this evolution to spread within our church. May we evolve from a community that is too often perceived in black-and-white doctrinal terms to a community reflected in the multicoloured hues of a rainbow, melding into one glorious sign to the world of God’s great love for us all.

Another article, laments any crackdown on open heresy and dissent. Moyer wrote

Recent events that feed this perception include the LCWR crackdown, the expulsion of Australian Bishop William M. Morris, and the censoring of theologians Sister Elizabeth A. Johnson and Sister Margaret Farley. These events have made headlines around the world. The most recent is the expulsion of Rev. Roy Bourgeois from the Maryknoll Missionary Order and the priesthood for refusing to recant his belief in women’s ordination.

All of this this should come as no real surprise. Recall. It was the Archdiocese of Winnipeg that produced the heretical documents on the Mass and the Eucharist; promoting transignification. The Archdiocese, on its new website, no longer carries the links, - but the damage is done. It has never renounced this heresy, nor corrected the damage done. One wonders how many of the faithful have been corrupted by this evil? Preliminary research seems to confirm that this heresy is rampant. 

It is time that we realize what is the truth about the Catholic Church in Canada: there is a very grave spiritual and moral crisis. This crisis goes to the very top. Our pastors have, in the main, miserably failed us. 

When belief in the Real Presence is under attack - what is left?

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Archbishop Weisgerber has to submit his resignation in May. Pray for us for a holy replacement.