Monday, 15 April 2013

Pope Francis calls for prayers for persecuted Christians

You may not hear much about this in the secular media, but the truth is the truth, even if virtually no one is reporting it. 

Pope Francis: 

“Let us pray especially for Christians who suffer persecution,” he said, adding, “ – [and] in these times, there are many Christians who suffer persecution, a great many, in many countries: let us pray for them from our heart, with love, that they might feel the living and comforting presence of the Risen Lord.”

You can listen to the Pope's Angelus address here

From La Stampa

The government of Tehran is launching a new offensive against the so-called home churches, small groups of Christians who meet in private houses to celebrate their faith because they cannon join the Churches officially recognised (and controlled) by the State, Iranian Christian news agency Mohabat reports. Khorasan, a government journal has published a long statement by Bahman Amiri Moghaddam, chief of police for the Khorasa-Ravi province, in which he says security forces “had taken care of a group of people that had formed a network of home churches in Mashhad and will prosecute all people involved.”

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