Saturday 27 April 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Fr. Matthew Despard's allegations of a "gay mafia" to be investigated by the Vatican

Fr. Matthew Despard
The Scotsman reports that Pope Francis intends to move with rigor in investigating the ongoing sexual decadence amongst priests and hierarchy in Scotland. Marc Cardinal Oullet,  has informed the Scottish bishops that there will be no further appointment of bishops until Rome has completed its investigation into the sexual crimes of Keith Cardinal O' Brien. 

Further, in a development on the homosexual crisis in the priesthood in Scotland, the Roman authorities will not let Fr. Matthew Despard's book, Priesthood in Crisis be buried through inaction and silence. It would seem that contrary to the initial hoped for suspension of Fr. Despard by the various authorities in Motherwell, Rome intends to pursue the very serious allegations contained in Fr. Despard's book. We are now moving from a mere investigation into the sexual crimes of one Cardinal, into a - we hope - full investigation into decades of sexual perversion, cover-up and corruption. This is the best news out of Scotland in years. 

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The Congregation of Bishops, headed by Cardinal Ouellet, has instructed the Pope’s ambassador in the UK to continue gathering evidence on Cardinal O’Brien.

It also wants an inquiry into revelations made by a serving priest in Lanarkshire, Father Matthew Despard, of the existence of a “gay mafia”, sexual bullying and open sexual relationships in the Catholic Church.

Update: Read Barona's reflection on Pope Francis' action against corruption in Scotland


Freyr said...

What's in a name? Quite a lot apparently. I have no doubt there is a gay subculture in the church of Scotland that had its birth in the minor seminaries. I also have no doubt that this has resulted in sexual bullying, blackmail, extortion and the forced resignation of the archbishop. Unfortunately its characterization as a "gay mafia" belies the fact that these shenanigans with their cliques, in groups and circles of immoral activity can be found in just about any residential school in the country. It's pretty much home grown and it will require an outsider to clean up the mess. This is no fanciful conspiracy but the result of sin and the lack of moral leadership.

Anonymous said...

If Father Matt was donating the proceeds of his self-published book to a charity like Broken Rainbow, which supports people who are the victims of abuse in same sex relationships, then I would consider downloading. But it seems to me there is nothing brave about publishing at this particular point in the Church’s history. His unresolved grievances relate to thwarted ambitions and have been dusted down again to cash in on the current trauma caused Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s gross and wicked deceptions. In any other business Matt would have been obliged to raise his issues with an industrial tribunal before attempting to write a best seller.
If the Church acts to sanction Matt for any misrepresentation, then those who believe his conspiracy theory will accuse its leaders of bullying and victimisation. It is unlikely that gay people looking in on the Church would support this claim because they would hold that, contrary to the Matt’s inference, there is nothing wrong with being gay or in putting expression to this form of human sexuality: They are the ones being bullied most by this deception.
We are all God’s children and so I would like the Church to take a stand against the blatant homophobia contained in Matt’s document and explicitly communicated in its most supportive reviews. In all of its teaching the Church must distance itself from this kind of thing. I am not gay but if there is truth in Matt’s allegations it won’t change my view that we, as a Church, need to revise our ideas about how we treat and what we teach about those made in God’s gay image.
The Church powers should investigate and respond to any complaints of sexual harassment; even if they are entirely vexatious. The Church is apostolic and so must face up to the reality of her humanity and by doing so protect the faithful from our propensity to inflict damaging and painful deceit.