Thursday, 18 April 2013

The SSXP and the New Mass: Bishop Fellay is correct

In his most recent Letter to Friends and Benefactors, Bishop Bernard Fellay references this with regards to the New Mass (the Novus ordo) promulgated under Pope Paul VI. 

Contrary to the teaching of the Council of Trent in Session XXII, contrary to the Encyclical Mediator Dei of Pius XII, the role of the faithful in the participation of the Mass has been exaggerated, and the role of the priest, now become a simple presider, has been diminished. The importance of the Liturgy of the Word has been exaggerated, and the importance of the propitiatory Sacrifice has been diminished. The meal of the community has been exalted and the Mass has been laicized, to the detriment of the respect and the faith in the Real Presence by transubstantiation.
By the suppression of the sacred language, the rites have been infinitely multiplied. They have been profaned by worldly and pagan additions. False translations have been propagated to the detriment of the true faith and the true piety of the faithful.

I completely agree with the bishop in the sense that the above is absolutely correct from a de facto perspective. Which, ultimately, is the only way of looking at the New Mass. Theoretically, it is true, if one reads the various editions following the retracted (but never condemned 1969 version) original definition of the Mass - yes, on paper the New Mass is given a Catholic definition. But the GIRM and official and semi-official episcopal documents also contain obfuscations, permissions, indults (and even heresy) etc. that open wide the doors to the above quote.

Over the past few months - and this includes an on-going investigation regarding documents produced under the aegis of the CCCB -  there is no doubt that the Real Presence - as defined by Trent - is under a major attack. This strikes at the very heart of the Church. 

So there is no misunderstanding: the New Mass, when said according to the mind of the Church has absolutely the same salvific value as any other Rite of Mass. To speak otherwise would be heresy and schism. But the fact is, heresy is being spread - unchecked - undermining the Real Presence. Transignification is a particular favourite and is doing untold harm to the Faithful. 

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Brian Anderson said...

Barona... Well said

Good to see Bishop Fellay, get some support. He has his Catholic feet frimly planted on the liturgical and catechetical rails of continuity, allowing Tradition, to have a say, in what he does today, in preparation for tomorrow. Contrast, his Catholic operating system, with that of the shape-shifting Catholicism, of our schools, parishes and chancery offices.