Tuesday, 16 April 2013

CHURCHES AND CONCERTS: Will the upcoming abuse be stopped?

 We know that the Archdiocese of Toronto has plans to re-issue the never abrogated Policy of Cardinal Ambrozic. 

I give you two examples of imminent violations of canon law (and there are many, many more upcoming events in "venues"). It is irrelevant if the cause is "good". One cannot do evil that good may come of it. The violation of universal canon law is a sin, as is ignoring the never abrogated Policy of Cardinal Ambrozic. This is an absolute. I have - unsuccessfully - tried to contact the pastor in my diocese (Toronto) for an explanation and further details on the paid concert at St. Peter's.  "Cultural entertainment" is not allowed in churches. Churches are for worship, not entertainment. Catholics are owed an explanation when church law is flouted. This concert may well slip through before the Archdiocese re-asserts Cardinal Ambrozic's Policy.  However, we will be silent no more. 

Example two. Hamilton Catholics - the ball is in your court! Speak up, do not allow your churches to be sacred places where the law of the Church is violated.  Handel is a great composer, but Solomon is an operatic oratorio that is not liturgical. Certainly, the local Ordinary may give permission for a religiously inspired work of art to be performed in a church - but NO admission fee is to be charged. 

A concert being planned in Toronto with "cultural entertainment" 

A concert being planned for the Diocese of Hamilton

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