Friday, 19 April 2013

Tarek Fatah: Boston Marathon Killers inspired by Radical Islam

Every picture tells a story. In this case, it informs us that the loathsome dyspeptic Boston Marathon killers were inspired by a virulent form of Sunni radical Islamic extremism. Radio Free Europe carries an interesting article, as well as a link to one of the terrorist's Youtube channel. (screen shots below).
A VK channel confirms links to Chechen and Islamic terrorism. For further developments and commentary I refer readers to the great Tarek Fatah who nailed it immediately: this is an act of Jihad
To view a full and frank discussion on terrorism, Jihad please watch Tarek here.


Freyr said...

"inspired by radical Islam"
Then I guess there's no need to ask questions like why the Chechen situation might be different from that in Pakistan? How about why the Chechen war with Russia would spill over into Boston instead of Moscow? There are a lot of unanswered questions here.

Barona said...

The Chechen war has just spilled over as an effect of the two brothers act of Jihad. It is a tragedy that this small nation will now further be obliterated,oppressed by Russia.

In bombing Boston, the two brothers effectively buried American support for Chechnya. Putin must be rejoicing. There are two possibilites as I see them: 1) this is an act of Jihad inspired solely by Sunni extremists; or 2) the Russian secret Police is playing a double card here - crushing Chechen support by enabling Islamic extremism outside Russia for their own ends. We have yet to determine if these two were indeed Manchurian candidates....

Tom Church said...

This is the first time I've come across this website. What disappoints me is the lack of REAL information. You start off with'We believe in free speech....who exactly are you...Not clear to me ...a first time


1. Who exactly are you and who do you represent.Be honest..who are you.

2. I've noticed you seem to hate the Catholic Church and mention Jihad a few time ...are you Muslim?

3. If that is the case how can you justify the Boston outrage last week...innocent people attacked in a most COWARDLY way...No GOD would support this.Comment please...waiting...

4. Who are you and who funds you

5. What exactly are YOU trying to achieve? List please...1-100 if required.I can read...

5. If you do not reply...You can't expect any support from anyone...I've saved this little response to case you don't cant reply...OK? I'm upfront...what about you..?