Monday 29 April 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Scottish Police investigate paedophile-priest rape gang in Motherwell

Each and every day confirms Fr. Matthew Despard's book, Priesthood in Crisis. Perhaps the release of this book has helped motivate the police to investigate charges of homosexual rape of young boys by clergy. The story below alleges that an attack even took place at the holy shrine at Carfin, within the Diocese of Motherwell. 

As I wrote yesterday, Pope Francis is taking a personal interest in these matters. Through Cardinal Oullet, the Holy Father has suspended any further appointments of bishops, as well as moving towards a full investigation into Fr. Despard's book. This new investigation will only re-confirm the Roman authorities of the depth of the crisis in Scotland and the need for a complete housecleaning. May God remove these Judas priests from our midst. Please Pray for Scotland. Canon Taylor, pray for Scotland. 

With Montfort's direct contacts in Scotland, we will continue to very closely monitor the situation. He told me today, that he prays that all the good and holy priests in the Diocese of Motherwell  would get together to support Fr. Despard and insist that Rome cleanup this wonderful diocese of my childhood and youthWitness will not be silent

From the Daily Record:  

FATHER of two has told how a priest raped him at the famous Carfin Grotto shrine when he was eight.

Pat McEwan, 63, said that after the attack, his abuser told him: “Stop crying. Be a soldier of Christ. God doesn’t like boys who cry.”

Pat says the sex attack was one of many he suffered in three years of hell at the hands of a group of priests at addresses in the west of Scotland.

He believes he was the victim of a paedophile ring. It’s alleged senior clergy were involved.
Pat first spoke out in 1998 about some of the allegations.

But Bishop of Motherwell Joseph Devine, who was Pat’s bishop at the time, took no action, and police decided not to bring charges.

However, officers have now reopened the inquiry and launched a major investigation into two retired churchmen.

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