Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Michael Voris asks: "How is Fr. Rosica paying for his civil action?"

Following the news that Fr. Thomas Rosica is threatening with a law suit  Catholic blogger, Vox Cantoris, Mr. Michael Voris asks a number of questions on his Vortex video, dated, February 24th, 2015.

Mr. Voris: "The law firm which Fr. Rosica employed to threaten to sue the blogger, is one of the most prestigious and costly in all Toronto. Which raises the disturbing question: how is Fr. Rosica paying for his civil action?  And that's a very fair question. He's under a vow of poverty  as a member of a religious order, no?"

Mr. Voris further asks: "Are funds being diverted from Salt and Light TV? Word on the street is Rosica's law firm charges a hefty retainer to even walk in the door, on the order of thousands of dollars. Who's paying that bill?"

Mr. Voris, again: "Rosica is, as is well known, Papal spokesman. Is someone at the Vatican picking up the tab for this? Where is that money coming from?"

We report, you decide. 

You may wish to send a polite and respectful email to the following:

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (which has worked with Salt and Light TV):
Msgr. Patrick Powers, General Secretary. Contact info is here.

Salt and Light TV:

The Cardinal Archbishop of Toronto, H. E. Thomas Collins:


Steve Dalton said...

Voris asks a lot of good questions, but he won't ask one question: how much does the Pope know and what will he do about it? It's inconceivable to me that Pope Francis doesn't know what Lombardi's flunky is doing. BTW, I believe VC was picked out as a target because he was small enough, yet prominent enough to be made an example of for other 'uppity' bloggers who dare to question the status quo.

Jonah said...

If this goes to court, a disclosure will be made regarding who's paying the tab. In the case of Raymond Gravel against LifeSiteNews.com, the information disclosed was very interesting... and not irrelevant to your case.

Unknown said...

You are all wrong. Fr. Rosica doesn't need anyone's money. He has at least 3 full-time jobs.

sharon penlington said...

Sharon Penlington said....

Any human person must be able to defend & seek the truth.
Yet as humans we are not perfect. Our choice of words can cause challenges. We are sinners. Part of our reconciliation & forgiveness is being accountable.

It is God who we all are accountable to when we serve him by living our lives as witnesses of the truth of the Gospel.
We must not "BE AFRAID"... it is Satan who divides us.
God when we seek him through his Holy Spirit, He is in control to provide the means & resources to defend those who live the Beatitudes. Just like Peter and Paul did.
No matter what law firm is used.....