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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Mary Wagner has spent Forty Days in Jail: Jacek Kotula reflects on her visit to Poland

"Love consists of a commitment, which limits one's freedom" 
Karol Wojtyla

Mary and Jacek in Poland 

Today marks forty days that Mary Wagner has spent in jail. Yet, Mary is at peace, for she is following the Will of God. Please continue to hold her in your prayers. The greatest thing you can do today for Mary is to pray for the unborn. We are marking this event of forty days with Mary's approval. 

We are also in the process of establishing an association that will pray for the unborn, the conversion of their mothers, and the conversion of abortionists. This initiative was born of a gathering together of souls throughout the world last Monday the 26th, of which Mary was an active part, to pray for the unborn. But Our Lord asks us to "pray unceasingly", and so, we will try to obey Him. Above all else, the pro-life movement to succeed needs prayer, for without Him, we can do nothing. More in the future. 

Jacek Kotula addressing the protest outside the
Canadian Embassy in Warsaw
It is only fitting then, that we ask a dear friend of Mary's, and of this blog,  Mr. Jacek Kotula, to honour us with a guest post.  It was he who invited Mary to Poland. Jacek is also a member of the outstanding pro-life organization, "Fundaja-PRO, Prawo do Zycia". He and Mr. Przemyslaw Sycz also have a court case pending, and we ask you for your continued prayers for them. 

It would seem that such a fragile and weak being like Mary Wagner is not in the position to do much against the full machinery of the abortion industry, but the Polish people saw, thanks to being open to God's Grace, that Mary was cooperating with God as His effective instrument. Mary has great courage, something deeply admired by Poles. She has completely dedicated herself to the fight for the unborn, even at the price of her own freedom. 

She is a saintly person, for "there is no greater love, than to lay down one's life for one's brother". Mary has awakened the Polish people to an increase in prayer and commitment to the defense of life in Poland and Canada.

Mary with H. E. Archbishop Depo of Czestochowa
Thanks to her testimony in Poland, we have learnt of the shameful practice of abortion in Canada and most of all the fact that the "civilized" nation of Canada deprives all rights from unborn children and treats them as an object. Canadians need to understand that the passivity of  "good" people is acquiescence to evil. The  apathy of Canadians only emboldens the killers of unborn children, and that the nation that kills its own children is a nation without a future.

Jacek Kotula

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Joe Rothengast said...

Poland and many other countries, like the USA, have mostly a Christian if not Catholic population. We should remind them all about the teachings of the Apostles in The Didache and that Abortion is the Way of Death. All Christians should fight abortion otherwise they are acting against Jesus who taught the Apostles.