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Thursday, 5 February 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Mary Wagner remained silent at her Court hearing today in Toronto ~ meanwhile, Poland issues a stamp in Mary's honour

What happiness it gave me, when the brethren who came here bore witness of thy loyalty to the truth, the loyalty thou showest in all thy dealings. 
3 John, 1:3

Mary Wagner, a humble handmaid of Our Lord Jesus Christ and our dear sister, remained silent today in Court. 

Mary, with her "Roses for Life"
At about 10:45 a.m., Mary entered the Court in handcuffs, at which we all stood (and remained standing throughout her entire hearing, which lasted not much more than ten minutes). This I think astonished the Judge who proceeded with great calm and care. The atmosphere in the room resonated with love for Mary. 

Several women gently clasped roses. As our Angel for Life's  handcuffs were removed, she smiled lovingly at all her supporters, especially focusing on her dear friend, Linda Gibbons. One could see that Mary was deeply moved by the number of those who came to support her. She fought back what seemed to be a few tears of joy. 

Mary was un-represented by counsel, and did not respond to the Judge's enquiries; if she had counsel, if she wished to speak. Mary remained silent. It was stated that there was "substantial disclosure" (the police report), and this same package was deposited next to Mary, which will be taken back to Vanier. The Judge then determined that a pre-trial hearing will be held on February 17th, at 10:00 a.m. at the College Courts in Room 503. He seemed taken aback by the support, the unity, the solidarity between Mary and supporters.

Fr. Piotr BaƂtarowicz 
leading the Rosary
Mary was re-handcuffed and led from the court to cries of: "God bless", "love you". I managed  to call out: "Fr. Piotr said Mass for you this morning, Mary". (Fr. Piotr had sent me that message a number of hours prior to the court hearing). 

Well over thirty-five of us attended. Several people were even outside due to full capacity of the courtroom.  The roses of soldarity will be taken to Vanier and pinned on the fence. 

Afterwards I spoke again with Linda Gibbons and she was very pleased with the support Mary received. "It's wonderful and I felt the Polish 'muscle'. I am eternally grateful for their presence", speaking of the sizable Polish contingent that attended. 

Dear friends, please continue to pray for Mary. We are in a major confrontation with the powers of darkness. This is a confrontation between Our Lord and satan.  

"When the victory comes, it will come through the hands of the Blessed Mother" Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski

NOTE: A stamp has been issued in Mary's honour in Poland. I mention this with care, as Mary wishes the focus to be on the unborn. However, it is important to note that someone incarcerated in a Canadian jail and awaiting trial is honoured officially in another country. 


Anonymous said...

I thought Canada was a great country. It was years ago. Now more and more I'm convinced the country is "aligning" with many
"quietly brutal" countries around the world (like Holland), where country's founding Christian values are being ridiculed, stamped on, innocent and defenseless children killed. Historically, such manifestations were the beginning of the end for many of great empires (such as Roman Empire). I hope Canada and many other influential countries wake up and return on their track. God Bless and help the world leaders to see the light.

Ron McCracken said...

Sadly, I find Mary no heroine. Unlike Linda Gibbons, who I greatly admire, Mary does great harm to the pro-life cause, in my view, by trespassing on private property. That IS illegal.

Mary would help far more by joining Linda on public sidewalks outside abortion clinics, where she has every right to be. That would double the effectiveness of Linda's witness for Jesus and hopefully force an end to the ludicrous 'temporary' injunction that is now 30+ years old.

Trespassing is a valid and useful law. By breaking it, Mary costs valuable support for Linda and others. The media love to scorn us, so why would she give them any ammunition at all?

Mary's approach is self-defeating. It is not what Jesus would have done. He broke no laws so opponents would have no grounds to condemn Him. Mary should adopt His model, which Linda follows faithfully.

Surely too, the church has some top lawyers among its members who could step up and put an end to the ridiculous 'temporary' injunction. It is long past time to end Linda's repeated, unjust imprisonments.

Neither Mary nor the church are being one bit of help to Linda, or to others who could be helping her to counsel young girls and save unborn babies.

Pretty embarrassing lack of action by so many who could do so much. Blessings

Barona said...

As a bishop said to me: "what kind of business are they conducting in there"? Murder. Mary has every right to enter those mills, which are under a different set of "juridical" laws.

What Mary and Linda do (and Linda totally and absolutely supports Mary), is confront the cowardly and the compromisers. The question is not why is Mary in the mill: the question is why are there not hundreds of "pro-lifers" in the Mills? The question is not why is Mary in jail? The real question is: why are there not hundreds of "pro-lifers" in jail, next to her?

It was illegal in Poland for my grandmother to go down to the barbed wire fence to shove food through for Jews, awaiting deportation. Was she wrong? The supreme law is to love God and your fellow man.